Nurse Acquitted


Anne E. Mitchell, the Texas nurse who had been charged with a felony for reporting the actions of a doctor to the state medical board, was acquitted after a jury deliberated for less than an hour about the case.

Her attorney focused everyone on the pending litigation that Ms. Mitchell and the other accused nurse have against the county, the hospital, the doctor, and other officials.

“We are glad that this phase of this ordeal has ended and that Anne has been restored to her liberty … but there was great damage done in this case, and this does not make them whole.”

Go get ’em.


  1. that story made me SO pissed off (not the acquittal, the original)- thank god the jury had enough sense to acquit her… hopefully this won’t permanently harm her career…

  2. Excellent news. That case was too wacky to believe. Any rational jury was going to do exactly what this jury did. I’m just sorry they had to go through this mess.

    We want whistleblowers in healthcare to be praised not criminalized.

  3. It would be nice if the nurses were to get their jobs back, back pay, legal costs, and a large bit for their grief.

    Then lock these criminal conspirators up for a long time, where they have no friends.

    Whistleblowers are only submitting information to a board of doctors. The state medical board decides if that information is worth pursuing.

  4. It’s kind of analogous to providers being required to make Child Protective Services reports if we suspect child abuse. We report, CPS decides. Can you imagine if we knew we could be criminally charged if the investigation ends in an “unfounded” finding?

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  6. I hope Nurse Mitchell gets a book deal and Angelina Jolie to play the lead in the movie they make of this whole ordeal.

    That way, whether she gets damages or not, she’ll be able to drink Champagne poolside for the rest of her life.

    She could even get a cameo as a juror in the movie.

    So relieved she’s been acquitted.

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