A Review of 2009


Lots of pretty cool blogging stuff happened this year.

I left my old blog at WhiteCoat Rants and hooked up with EP Monthly. I have been repeatedly amazed at how EP Monthly helps me reach out to all of the emergency medical professionals in this country. Several times docs have come up to me with my column and asked me what I thought of it. “Meh. I don’t have time to read stuff like that” is my usual reply.

Stealing the idea from William the Coroner, below are the “Most Populars” from 2009

Most Popular Posts

The Trial of a Whitecoat series was a huge success. The popularity of the posts kept me motivated to continue writing them. The comments everyone left were just amazing. I didn’t count up the total number of hits to all the posts, but the number of hits to the main link for the series alone was 52,172. One of my goals for the next 6 months is to add some of the other material I left out (like pictures, drawings, and side stories), add some of the comments left on the blog about the series, and turn the story into a book. Perhaps a movie. Oprah? You listening?

The next most popular post wasn’t a post, but was a page. I notice that when I’m busy and haven’t been able to post for a few days (which seems to be a pretty common occurrence lately), the page with all of the blog links (in the upper right corner of this blog) gets a spike in hits. If you have a medical blog and aren’t on the list, just drop a comment in the comments section. I’ll add you. That page got 21,797 hits last year.

Rounding out the “Top Ten” posts of 2009 are the following …


Top Referring Sites

Referral sources are a big source of traffic for any blog. A list of the top referrers to this blog is below.
Thanks to everyone for the links. I have to get back to a regular blog reading schedule so I can return the favor with all of your great posts.
erstories.net 15,017
crasspollination.blogspot.com 7,626
overlawyered.com 6,793
weirdnursingtales.blogspot.com 3,150
crankylitprof.wordpress.com 2,483
kevinmd.com 2,357
trismus1.wordpress.com 2,232
ace.mu.nu 2,106
epmonthly.com 1,747
thehappyhospitalist.blogspot.com 1,090
gruntdoc.com 1,024


Top Search Terms

Not much interesting here. Most searches were looking for me – involving some combination of “WhiteCoat” or “White Coat” and “Rants” or “Call Room.” I was surprised to find that the #1 spot in a Google search for “WhiteCoat” is … this blog. Wow. I also got a #4 position for the term “White Coat“.
When I wasn’t ticking other people off to the point that they were doing Google searches trying to find me, the other significant search terms included people looking for information about dyshidrotic eczema, lice, swine flu testing, John Edwards’ baby, and defensive medicine (#8 out of 660,000 on Google). I’ll have to post some more pictures of medical diseases this year to help people out.


Top Readers

That would be all of you. It still amazes me that I have had almost 1.4 million page hits in the past 12 months. A soapbox doesn’t do much good if no one stands around to listen. Not only do you listen, but you add to the discussions and you set me straight when I get out of line. I’m fortunate to have such a good group of readers and appreciate everyone’s input to making this blog what it is. Without all of you, this blog would be like my little business blog that got a total of 424 hits for the year.

Hopefully I can continue living up to everyone’s expectations in 2010.

Have a safe and happy New Year.


  1. Happy and Blessed New Year to you too Dr and Mrs Dr WhiteCoat. 🙂

    I LOVE your blog. It’s also been enjoyable getting to know you and the other bloggers through your writing/comments. 🙂

  2. I’ll agree with Don on Nurse K being missed… loved her blog – have to say there are only 4 that I would read with regularity, this one, Nurse K’s, ERP’s and one written by an Infectious Disease doctor… definately have enjoyed all of them and do waste the first few minutes at work when I’m able checking them out when I come in.
    That being said, Happy New Year everyone! May your next year be better than the one we just left!!

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