Another Emergency Department Closure


San Leandro Hospital’s Emergency Department in California is on the verge of closing its doors.

Because profitable procedures are being done elsewhere and people are coming in without insurance, San Hospital has taken a financial hit. Hospital administrators “would be happy if the hospital would just break even, but it regularly loses money, coming up $1.5 million in the red just in the month of February alone.”

Community leaders argue that because the Suter health care system is profitable at its other facilities, it should subsidize San Leandro as a service to the community.

“We have a community that is aging and will need these services. Not to mention if a disaster like an earthquake were to happen. There is an obligation to trauma services in this community.”

Businesses cannot operate at a loss – whether those businesses are donut shops, car dealerships, or hospitals.

More patients + less emergency departments = recipe for disaster.


  1. Sometimes people don’t realize how important something is until they don’t have it anymore. It’s disturbing seeing medical facilities closing.

    I am really wondering what the administration is going to be doing with health care.

    I just don’t have ANY confidence that they will make right decisions. maybe I am wrong and don’t understand…but it seems we need to get through the financial crisis before they try to change everything in health care. make improvements with existing system sure, But a major overhaul?
    I don’t think they are up for that yet.

  2. So those very same community leaders should somehow come up with 1.5 million dollars a month to keep San Leandro open. Tell them to put up or shut up. Sutter has NO obligation to lose money!

    That is why there are no county hospitals in many counties in CA any more. They couldn’t afford to keep them open.

    Gee, it costs money to keep a hospital open??? These community leaders didn’t know that before?

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