Antibiotics For The Flu


Reading through a patient’s old records and came across the following entry:


Holy Deep Chill, Batman … taking antibiotics for the flu just might turn you into … into … Mr. Freeze.


Then you might get elected governor of a state and … well … I’ll let you all have fun in the comments section with the conclusions you can draw.

By the way, antibiotics don’t work for viruses … including the influenza virus.


  1. Zero?

    Zero Centigrade?

    Zero Fahrenheit?

    Zero Kelvin?

    At what point was hypothermia treatment initiated?

    Anesthesia would have fun with this, since they like to have you count backward from 100.

    I assume that this Sesame Street dropout did not receive any criticism from the quality oversight 8th graders. Treatment seems to be just what the JCAHO ordered.

  2. I guessing that the patient was probably a smoker, and she snuck outside to smoke a ciggie, slipped, fell, hit her head, and eventually froze to death. Recheck of her temp was “0”, the air temp outside.

    That’s the only plausible scenario. Another death attributed to smoking. Happy Hospitalist’s arguments of smoking being the cause of all deaths and chronic illnesses has just gained credibility.

  3. Not sure if I understood it correctly, but these antibiotics weren’t for influenza. they were for a “possible sepsis” which may be caused by bacteria upon which antibiotics do work.

    The thing that bothers me is what the heck does influenza has to do with sepsis?!

    Or maybe my English just plain sucks and I’ve no idea what I’m talking about.

  4. Don Salva,

    I think the justification for giving the antibiotics was, What if this isn’t the flu, in spite of the positive nasal swab? What if it turns out to be sepsis, even though it just looks like the flu? At least, that was how I read it.

  5. I really hope they decided to stop the antibiotic after the negative blood cultures and not keep giving them just incase and send her home on them also. Just going to cause more resistance to the limited drugs we have in stock.

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