Awwww Nuts!


Those of us with diverticulitis and diverticulosis have some good news.

According to this article in JAMA, patients with diverticulosis can eat nuts and popcorn.

Contrary to the widely held belief that the little pieces of nuts and popcorn will get caught in the diverticula and cause an infection, this study of 47,000 men showed that eating peanuts and popcorn was actually prevented flares of diverticulitis! Those patients who ate the highest amount of popcorn had a 28% decrease in the incidence of diverticulitis and those patients who ate the most nuts had a 20% decrease in the incidence of diverticulitis.

Now hush up and pass the popcorn. This movie just got better.

Hat tip to this month’s Consultant magazine.


  1. Well the dentists of the world will be happy now picking out the popcorn shells and think of all the abscesses your going to have to drain in the ER and PCN and Percocet scripts you’ll be writing. 😛

  2. HA! Great news.

    Actually my gastro-doc was ahead of the curve on that one. 🙄 When I went to my primary care doc for f/u right after my diverticulitis attack May of ’08, she gave me the “no berries, no popcorn, no nuts, no rice…blah blah blah….” line. 🙄 All my favorite things to eat!

    I said there was no way I wanted to give up popcorn, it’s my family’s twice-a-week favorite!

    Saw the gastro-doc 2 months (and 25 pounds less) later, he confirmed “that’s an old wive’s tale…”. Glad the word is getting out.

    For the record, I’ve not had ANY reaction to the formerly forbidden foods, and according to the guy who did the colonoscopy there’s a great case diverticulosis and some narrowing in my colon (I know, TMI!). I’ve had some bouts of pain over the last 7-8 months, but the rounds are becoming fewer and farther between as time passes. :mrgreen:

    The critical factor seems to be “keeping things moving”. Fiber, fiber, fiber.

    And keep your thyroid levels up so you don’t get constipated against your will…;-)

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