Best States to Practice Medicine


Physicians Practice Magazine just came out with a list of the Best States to Practice for 2010.

The article looked at things such as cost of living, state income tax, malpractice premiums, number of physicians per capita and number of disciplinary actions per 1000 physicians, then graded each state in each category as a “green,” “yellow,” or “red.”

Weren’t any states that were all “green,” but Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, South Dakota, Texas, and Tennessee came closest.

Worst states? New York leads the pack. DC, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Vermont have multiple categories in the red as well.

Here are at least 10 reasons why Florida should NOT be one of the Best States to Practice Medicine


  1. florida ob/gyns pay up to 239k/yr on malpractice insurance??
    they should flee like rats off that sinking ship and leave the residents of florida with homebirthing as their only option until it gets sorted out.

  2. I don’t understand some of those ratings. In Indiana, internal medicine malpractice premium of $10K is yellow, but in Maryland, the same category is green with a value of $13-21K. Is something else getting factored in as well?

    Just something to think about I guess…

  3. Bill insurance freely with no oversight in Washington State. Washington State government likes the revenue so does not question billing.

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