Defib paddlesI got a few e-mails asking whether I’m still blogging.

Short answer is “yes.”

The number of posts has been a lot less than usual, which sometimes is a sign of a blog on life support.

Have had several things that have required my time over the past couple of months but now most of those things have … stabilized. I’ve got a few days off now that I’m dedicating to putting all the scraps of paper on my desk into posts. Even have a few guest posts that I’m looking forward to putting up.

For the few of you out there who are still reading, thanks for sticking around.

Now to get back to having some fun …


  1. A few days ago all that showed up here was the header. No blog content at all. Even on the home page just the header showed.

    I wondered what that was about. I considered emailing, but didn’t.

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