Cracking the Top 100


I hate Top 100 rankings.

In my e-mail box there was another Top 100 solicitation. This one was for the Top 100 most influential people in healthcare.

I deleted it. Then I thought a moment and pulled it out of the trash bin.

What if *I*, humble and pure WhiteCoat the blogger, could be voted as one of the Top 100 most influential people in healthcare?

How would Modern Healthcare handle the fact that an anonymous blogger could be held in such high esteem? What if I could be voted more influential than … Kathleen Sebelius … or … President Obama ?!?


I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years and I’ve never done something like this before … until now.

So here’s my plan:

I’m asking that someone go to Modern HealthCare’s site and nominate me for the Top 100. I’m also asking that you nominate some other people in the medical blogosphere as well.

If any of us are officially nominated, I’ll post an update with a site where everyone can go to get out the vote. Then we can see exactly how influential all of us health care bloggers can be.


1) Nominee’s last name — Coat
2) Nominee’s first name — White
3) Nominee’s title — Health Care Blogger
4) Name of organization — Emergency Physician’s Monthly Magazine
5) Location of organization — Annapolis, MD

Kevin Klauer – Editor-In-Chief – Emergency Physician’s Monthly Magazine – Annapolis, MD
Mark Plaster – Publisher – Emergency Physician’s Monthly Magazine – Annapolis, MD
Rick Bukata – Professor Emergency Medicine – University Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Greg Henry – Columnist – Emergency Physician’s Monthly Magazine – Annapolis, MD
Kevin Pho – Medical blogger – – Nashua, NH
Ibee Grumpy – Medical blogger – – Grumpyville, USA
Nurse K – Medical blogger – – Montana, USA
T K – Medical blogger – –  Suburban Northeast, USA


  1. i need clarification. are we voting for the people that should be the most influential in health care, or the ones that actually are?

  2. Heh. I serpose that having 2000-3000 or howevermany people listen to a nurse (me) daily makes said nurse rather influential for a person in healthcare relative to other nurses. Most nurses can’t even get the doctor sitting at the desk to listen to them 😉

  3. Influential? I guess I (and Nurse K) am influential in upsetting the patients with Fibro, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS, etc, etc.

  4. You guys please remind us to vote as well, starting May 23! Nurse K, I agree, you influence the way I practise more than the pres does!

  5. These sort of things tend to be SEO/content filling to just help with the prominence of the website involved.

    Granted, this one hasn’t just ranked you and then hoped you’d link to it, and it is on topic with the website. But bear in mind that you’re doing that website a huge favour.

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