Crazy or Clairvoyant?


Weird night last night.

One of the patients named Deborah Peel was from out of town and had never been registered before in our hospital. She wasn’t tended to immediately, so she started floor throwing from severe abdominal pain. While on the floor, ol’ Debbie began yelling out that no one helped her from the door to the bed. While rolling their eyes, the registration clerk and the nurse dutifully helped her into bed.

I have to admit that it was quite busy and because of her antics, I wasn’t wearing my usual warm fuzzy smile. Remember – Ms. Peel is a new patient to our hospital.

I walked into the room and started to ask her what the problem was. She looks up at me, then gets this look of dread in her face.

“Oh NO! Not YOU again!”

Then she gets up off the bed and walks out the door.

Um … ahhh …



  1. mottsapplesauce on

    You obviously left a lasting impression on that lady… maybe it was best for both of you that she walked out, eh?

  2. Will she get charged for triage? At the hospital I worked in there was a triage charge. of course collecting it is something else.

    Funny story but what a waste of everyone’s time.

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