Daughter WhiteCoat and Sex Ed


My wife and I don’t watch TV that much. Maybe the news in the evening and that’s about it.

Our kids, on the other hand, not only watch TV, but they download video clips on their iPods.

Daughter WhiteCoat showed us this excerpt from Family Guy where Peter gets all buzzed up on Red Bull. If the video below gets pulled down, just do a search on YouTube for “Family Guy Red Bull.” I have to admit that it made both my wife and me laugh pretty hard.

The problem was that our daughter was laughing at one part and we couldn’t figure out why it was *that* funny. In the clip, Peter starts milking a cow, then milks the cow too fast and the cow’s udders catch on fire. The cow runs away. A few seconds later, Peter’s son comes running through the screen with his crotch on fire. We were sitting there thinking “Did he just ride the cow and catch on fire, too?” “Did the cow come and attack him?” So we asked Daughter WhiteCoat why she thought it was so funny.

“Umm … because the Red Bull made things catch on fire when you pulled on them too fast … duh!”

Ooooh. OK.

Here I was thinking I had to have the “sex talk” with my daughter and she’s the one schooling me.

I must need more sleep.



  1. The whole clip is just hilarious – “Whoa, paramedics come on down!”

    Don’t worry WC my parents still have never given me any sex talk and I’ve turned out alright. If I had kids the only talk I’d give them is about piracy…cause I don’t need a broken door and billion dollar lawsuit.

  2. Reminds me of the time I was watching a movie with my then-six-year-old son.
    The first scenes of the movie showed a sperm meeting with an egg in the uterus. Well, I was a little embarrassed but figured my son would have no idea what was going on.
    Then he said “oh, this is stupid, how would they ever get a camera into a hole that small?”
    Oh my!
    I couldn’t say anything because I was just speechless.
    (Years later, I asked him what he had meant by that remark — it turned out he actually wasn’t referring to sex at all, he had just seen a test tube at school and he had thought it was some kind of a test tube being shown on the screen.)

    • That was Look Who’s Talking right? Damn I was something like 8 years old when I saw that. But, being a kid, I think I tended to “edit out” things that I didn’t understand. Watching Tommy Boy now for example I get a lot of the sex jokes now that I didn’t even blink at back then.

  3. Reminds me of a joke:

    Two six year olds were talking. One said “We found two condoms on our patio last night.” The other looked perplexed and asked, “What’s a patio?”

  4. Funny clip! I would think she meant what it means too. It’s true tho, that we sometimes read way more into what they ask or say then what they actually mean.

    I showed our older son *when he was 7 going on 8),a cartoon movie about sex that I rented from the library (Right after we came back from seeing “Roger Rabbit” at the movie theater. I think it was called “Where do babies come From?”, but I’m not sure now.

    I was driving my quiet,very proper m-i-l, son and his 5 yr old girl friend to see Roger Rabbit. I was 7 months pregnant. Out of the blue, from the back seat ..my son says,”Mommy, where do babies come from?”

    Feeling embarrassed with m-i-l in car(figuring she was as well) and concerned about the 5 yr old sitting next to him ..I said “I’ll tell you later.”

    “No Mommy. I want to know EXACTLY where babies come from!”

    Later …while watching the cartoon – video and realizing just how babies are made ..he exclaimed “EWWWWW!”

    I realized that perhaps that much detail really wasn’t necessary at the time. I just wanted to do everything right so that he’d have correct info.

    2nd son is 8 years younger and I don’t think we ever had the talk. If we did ..it was uneventful. Hypervigilant with first child and laid back with the second son. 🙂

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