Double Bad Idea

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Throwing gasoline on a lit barbecue is never a good idea. It is an especially bad idea when wearing baggy clothing upon which the gasoline may splash because when the gasoline suddenly explodes, your clothes may catch on fire as well, causing significant burns to your chest, arms, hands, and face.

Strange, though, usually when gasoline is involved in a fire, there is at least a little bit of a gasoline smell on the patients when they are in an enclosed room in the ED.

Assume that if your friends bring you in by car after having been involved in such a fire, either police or the fire department will go to the scene to investigate and make sure that everything is safe.

If you have a meth lab in the kitchen of the house you are renting and it explodes causing significant burns to your chest, arms, hands, and face and you plan to tell the emergency department personnel that your barbecue exploded, at least put away all of the drug paraphernalia before you go to the hospital.

Failing to do so may just make you skin-grafted, arrested, and homeless.


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