Double Entendre


ERP here from Erstories.  A little quick post while I am out skiing.

Yes, I admit I get a little juvenile on occasion during a shift.  Other staff members do as well and I think this is a good thing.  It lighten things up.  A little silly laugh because someone said something that conjures Beavis and Butt-head – style snickering helps our blood pressures come down.  Of course there is a fine line between jokes and harassment but if everyone laughs when someone says something that is unintentionally of sexual connotation, who would complain?

Some of the things I have heard or had said to me:

“Hey ERP, do you have a measuring tool”?

“Who was that new doctor? He pissed me off by getting all up in me.”

“Holy Moly, it is busy. I have never seen such a patient load.”

“Yes, Doctor Newbie, I can help you get that DVD into the slot.”

“Hey ERP, the new patient in room 5 has priapism, go help him take care of it.”

People need to lighten up in the work place.  Sometimes things are just funny!


  1. I’m glad I ran across you here — I can no longer go to your blog because everytime I do, I get a virus. The same one I wrote you about weeks ago. Don’t know if there is some scan you can run which would get rid of the virus — I really liked your blog and would like to be able to access it again…

  2. Unless you work in the medical field, one may find this humor to be tasteless. Me, however? I’m busting a gut over your latest “entendres.” Thanks, bud. Put me in the tasteless but funnier than hell category, any day!

  3. I laughed, but I dunno that you should make light of sexual harassment. People at my work think it’s hilarious to tell me about how they molested drunk women on the weekend, or they think it’s hilarious to trip people up on the stairs. But it’s hilarious! You should just lighten up!

    There are always people that will find anything funny, and I really mean *anything*, not just the lighthearted stuff you posted here. And they are always getting away with hurting other people by saying they didn’t mean to hurt anyone, and that everyone should just lighten up and get a sense of humour already. So I hope you realise you are giving these people validation, even if that’s not what you intended.

  4. Class of 65, I have no idea how you keep getting a virus. I have accessed my site from multiple computers in multiple states and never get any. I have scanned the site and found nothing. I imagine you need to set your browser to not enable scripts for the site. Can you email me the virus info again that you keep getting at

  5. “You should finish it by hand” (for reports)
    “I can’t come right now”
    “You’re going to do it by yourself”

    Then you can always use any sentence that has hard, long, big, deeper, or faster in it.

    “It’s so big!” (room size) (or its so small)
    “This is so hard” (a task)
    “Get it deeper/push harder” (engineers use this one a lot for plugging stuff in / putting stuff together)

  6. the other day the secretaries were giggling because our dept chair kept demanding that someone get him a 3-way.

    “i need a 3-way! someone get me a 3-way right now!”


  7. Dear ERP,

    I’ll try it again tonight. I do admire your site very much and do miss it. I will email you if it happens again…

  8. Funny stuff! 🙂

    Double entendres can be quite funny. Especially when not intended and in mortification the person (that would be me) realizes what it sounds like (hopes it got by everyone), but then braces for the comments. 🙂 Then sometimes big deal. Everyone needs a good laugh ..especially in the medical field ..intensity of the ED, etc.

    * I would add though ..that just because people laugh ..does not mean they are truly okay with it.

    I used to work with a guy who was a pig … raunchy with his jokes ..that seemed tortuously nonstop and I didn’t laugh ..although smiled quietly ..secretly wishing I was anywhere but there. I was also thrilled when he left the hospital to work somewhere else. I know your not talking about the same thing, but just know that people don’t always show their true thoughts and so be careful with certain topics unless you really know the people.

  9. Best one in my career, ICU multidisciplinary rounds (Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work, PT, OT, etc.) being led by an emeritus professor, an elderly, extremely proper, gentleman in a suit and bow-tie. As we approach the room of a recently extubated patient, the patient began a violent coughing fit. The group of fifteen or so of us paused outside the room when it sounded as though the patient had successfully coughed up a large amount of phlegm. Someone in the group commented, “I hope she spits that out” to which our distinguished leader replied, “once it is in their mouth, I don’t care if they spit it out or swallow it”.

    I drew blood biting my lip (and SeaSpray he really had no idea of the double entendre he had committed). This was one of our most distinguished faculty, there as a guest, stating this in front of a group, largely of women, most very attractive, all at least 40 years his junior. It was priceless.

  10. Frydoc – that is priceless. Must’ve been hard to contain the laughter. 🙂

    Did you notice anyone else’s expressions? Although looking at someone else about to bust out laughing is a dangerous thing to do if you are trying to contain it. Sometimes a look is all you need to lose it. 🙂

  11. WC – I hope you don’t mind, but I am posting a link to one of my posts called “Absinent Too Long” and is a *true* story about an embarrassing ..too long ..seemingly no way out ..double entendre conversation I had as an inpatient with a male nurse.

    It is funny.

    I wonder if he intentionally said the size comment as a P.S. to our earlier conversation ..given what it was ..or if he genuinely just said what he said? Either way..HILARIOUS! 🙂

    Here is the link:

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