1. Don Salva, What are you, brain dead or an emotional cripple?
    You make a blasé comment then one minute later ask a completely unrelated question – Mr sensitivity or what.
    Those of us who live in the real world and deal with real accident victims and their families have seen far too many, not “our share”.

  2. That would have been enough with just the real accident footage minus the dramatic reenactions, I think.

    I was once the very front-most car in a 5 car pile-up at a stop light, in front of some sort of runaway delivery truck. That split second of watching the wave of crunching glass and metal coming towards me in the rear-view mirror with no possibility of escape is not something I’ll forget. If I could bottle that moment and spray it on reckless drivers I sure would.

  3. I sent the link to my son’s high school principal. They should show it in drivers ed class. Yeah, it’s hard to watch, but these kids think they’re invincible. A “scared straight” for new drivers.

  4. Geez,

    I only lasted 30 seconds. I stopped working in EMS after 20 years as Medic and ER Tech including 4 years in a Pediatric hospital. I usually have better impulse control about clicking on videos and am still careful about what I watch on TV (no evening news in over 15 years).

    Those images could have been lifted right out of the nightmares that still haunt me. I should have known better.

    The reality is that many of the people who watch that clip will still walk away thinking, “But I’m a better driver than that and it won’t happen to me”.

    We have cars that will sound alarms, brake or slow down automatically, have cameras to display what’s behind the vehicle, hands free phone systems and voice controls for the stereo. We have 3 and 5 point restraint systems; side, front and curtain airbags systems; laws that control the speed, restrict multi-tasking activities and require the use (mostly) of safety devices.

    For all of that it is needful to make a video to demonstrate so graphically what happens when a driver is momentarily distracted.

    The ED and EMS will ever be filled with the wreckage of those who watched the video and thought, “It won’t happen to me. I’m a better driver than that.”

  5. Mama On A Budget on

    The day after watching that, we were driving behind someone that kept swerving left and right while on a cell or texting. So I called 911 to let them know. Even though “officers were dispatched,” no one stopped him in the almost 25 miles we were behind him (not tailing him – just going the same direction on a 2 lane road).

    No more than 45 minutes after I called 911… we were rear-ended by a distracted driver – watching his instrument panel and not watching the traffic signal or the brake lights in front of him.

    So, yeah, I may be a better driver than than (I am). But as my mom always said, “I’m not worried about you – I’m worried about the other guy.”

  6. I did watch it. I will come back to forward it.

    I am so annoyed/upset when I see people everywhere on their cell phones. And if you look at them ..it seems like they don’t have the same awareness as they maneuver the turn right in front of you, while talking on phone.

    I’ve made my mistakes too ..but the phones ..more and more info is coming out about the danger. texting while driving is beyond me. Texting and driving is 23 times more dangerous then drinking and driving.

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