1. They are called “Heavy ER Users” and suck up a vast majority of an ER’s resources. I remember there was a story out of Camden, NJ last year about these types.

  2. Amen. He is preaching to the choir. Will anybody in Washington ever listen to the common sense of the people. Why is everyone entitled to a ER doctor when it is clear some cases are not emergent. Examples, cancer sores, superficial knee abrasion, pregnancy test wanted, and the many other truly stupid reasons people visit the ER. Can we have some common sense?

  3. Revise EMTALA to provide for cash copays up front for Medicaid patients – say, the cost of a pack of smokes or a 40-oz bottle of Mickey’s malt liquor. Maybe more institutions can make use of UCMC’s ED protocols. Perhaps it would be less expensive to institutionalize these frequent fraudsters, since we’re paying for it anyway.

  4. I meant to say LIFETIME with all medical anywhere.

    All my medical appointments/tests,procedures,surgeries,office visits and even pharmacy visits… anything medical combined during my entire life wouldn’t amount anywhere near that number of visits.anywhere..never -ever.

    I agree about accountability fostering responsible decisions… one would hope so anyway.

  5. I read that 8 of the 9 had psychiatric diagnoses. Which makes me wonder two things: Given their evidently tenuous grasp on reality, what sanctions against these 8 would actually make a difference in their behavior?

    And why in the world hasn’t someone diagnosed the 9th?

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