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A quick shout out to a new venture from Emergency Physicians Monthly

Logan Plaster and company have started a new magazine called Emergency Physicians International. They just put out Issue #3 and there are a lot of good articles inside, including articles about laryngoscopy and emergency medicine in Croatia, Japan, and South America, to name a few countries. I found it very interesting reading.

There are over 1000 registered members on the site from 60 different countries.

If international medicine is your thing, you can read all the issues online and join the forum discussions at this link:


  1. I just got back last week from a few weeks in Europe. The only comments they had about our health care system was how incredibly stupid our patients seem to be, judging by what they see on the news, and our insane legal system. Many of the doctors we talked to had no desire to move here solely based on our malpractice climate. I also saw absolutely no lawyer billboard signs, nor was the telephone book covered in lawsuit advertisements. It was only in the London airport that I saw one ad in their paper for lawsuits for Asbestosis.
    Guess the infestation is slowly moving over there !

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