ERP Makes the News


ERP, who guest posts on this very blog, got interviewed for an article about how to get treated “better” and “faster” in the emergency department published on AOL today. Congrats!

The comment section to the article has some er, um … interesting reactions … and misperceptions about patients using emergency departments.

All in all, the article isn’t bad and gives some decent suggestions like bringing a list of medications and recent tests with you and also bringing along an advocate.

But the reporter calls us emergency “room” docs.



  1. Right. I would have to rename myself “EDP” which would have obvious negative connotations. Most importantly that I would be in need of IM Haldol.

  2. Soronel Haetir on

    Maybe you guys in cities get a whole emergency department but I’ve been to several small town (population less than 1k) hospitals where all they had was a single room for emergency patients.

  3. Yes of course, it’s really the “Emergency Department” but with all those Viagra adds about ED, do we really want our profession’s name to conjure up mental images of limp manhood?

    • Every time a teen gets abx for an ear infection, an adult gets abx for a stuffy nose, “sinus infection”, or “scratchy throat” x 1 hour or a known drug seeker gets IM Demerol for the third time that week, I start calling the ER the “ED” reflexively.

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