False Advertising


ED Pills

I got a run of advertisements in my e-mails about ED pills and goodies from the ED Meds Shop — exclusively for me!

So I click on the links wondering how much they’re getting for Motrin, Xanax, Vicodin, and Oxycontin these days.

They’re all for stinking Viagra.

Damn spammers.


    • No.
      My feeble attempt at humor. Those are probably the most common meds prescribed in the emergency department. People tend to get upset when they are prescribed Motrin/Ibuprofen/Advil – all the same medication.

  1. Why would we have to BUY Oxycontin? Just go to the local ED and say “ten out of ten, severe allergies to everything but Oxycontin” and the helpful white-coats will top you off for free.

  2. At least you’re smart enough to use gmail and not yahoo! [Yahoo to this day still has worse spam filters that gmail had back when it was invite-only]

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