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Master Oogway had a great time at the WhiteCoat Transient Home for Displaced Reptiles, but is being brought back to his permanent home this morning.
Since we never cared for a turtle before, Mrs. WhiteCoat went to the local pet store and consulted with a reptilian expert about the turtle’s care. The reptile expert confirmed that Mr. Oogway should get daily warm baths (which he was not getting at school) and that he likes bananas, strawberries, and worms for snacks (mealworms, not the intestinal kind).
The reptile expert also reminded us that salmonella is a natural flora for a turtle and that anyone touching the turtle should therefore wash his or her hands to avoid getting a salmonella infection.

Over the weekend, six year old daughter WhiteCoat had a couple of friends over and introduced them to our dog, then to our fish, then to Master Oogway.

One of the mom’s friends was talking to Mrs. WhiteCoat, stopped in mid-sentence, and gave Mrs. WhiteCoat a quizzical look when daughter WhiteCoat told her friends:

“This is the turtle we’re watching until school starts again. You can pet him, but just wash your hands afterwards. He is infected with deadly diseases.”


  1. A salmonella infection is no fun. I had one last July. I got dehydrated and needed 1 liter of fluid IV.

    Since it is a reportable disease, I had to answer many questions from the county Health Department. I might have caught it from my pet snakes, or rats, or from somewhere else.


  2. LOL..out of the mouths of babes. She’s right though, one of the worst infections to seee if you get it. WE love turtles, as long as they aren’t ours to care for!

    Stay warm.

  3. I contracted Salmonella in college. My boyfriend (now husband) rushed me into the ER on early one Sunday morning because I had a fever, horrible cramping, vomiting and the runs.

    The nurse was such a mean bitty to me, didn’t warn me how much IM Phenergan hurts and I literally tried to bat the needle away (she was putting it in my backside, so my head was turned away).

    In retrospect, I suspect they thought I was just another drunk college kid. Imagine their surprise when my culture came back – I could hear it in the nurse’s voice when she called me at home some days later, “Um, Ms. Pink…um…you have Salmonella poisoning, will you please return to the ER for a prescription?”

  4. Thank goodness it wasn’t the class’s goldfish or you might have spent the weekend trying to shop for a look-alike.

  5. Awww…how cute is that? Hilarious too. Out of the mouths of babes. I wonder what they say about home when they are in school? I’ll bet teachers could write books about that. 🙂

    When I was little my friends and I used to buy these little green turtles and would get a few at a time. They were so cute and fun to set up their little container. They always died though and we buried the little turtles under the trees in the back yard. I have never seen them since that era which was the early sixties. All the kids had them. And we didn’t know about salmonella back then.

    I never heard of giving turtles a warm bath before. Does he also get a mongrammed bath robe and plush little turtle slippers too? 😉

  6. Most people who work at the pet store have no clue what turtles need to eat to stay healthy.

    Sure..turtle eat mostly anything, especially the water dwelling kind, but that does not mean it is healthy for them.

    Master Oogway seems to be a greece turtle of the land living kind..they are only allowed a meager diet because they are build for it. Feed them a rich diet on dandelion and other herbs or fruits, they will get fat like Fluffy the cat on a whole steak and bacon diet.

    Greece land turtles need mostly hay and water to drink, they like bathing, yes, but only shallow warm water and not to forget that every turtles needs a UV lamp which delivers sun rays and warmth.

    Heating rocks will do damage because the heat comes from the underside to which they react not fast enough if it gets too warm.

    There are some turtles similiar looking to greece land turtles.
    Only one of them lives on a diet mostly based on fruits and only one other is also taking small ammounts of animal protein..mostly snails. Mealworms are just too fat.

    Box turtles eat small animals..but they look totally different to greece turtles.

    You can not trust clerks in pet shops which have as much knowledge about the pets they sell as a drug dealer where their drugs are from and how good they are except they grow them themselves.

    You can easily kill a turtle with the wrong kind of food.

    Too much sugar through fruits for a land turtle will ferment in the long inestines and kill the bacterias which are needed to digest cellulose..they are similiar to the ones cow have.

    Too much protein rich plants will let them grow too fast and damage the skeleton and internal organs.

    Same with water dwelling turtles which in the wild eat 70% soft water plants(and can be fed dandelions and other herbs instead), but are feed mostly fish based foods if kept as pets.

    They need only small ammounts of fish, snails and insects, as a rule as much per day as their head is big. So if their head is as big as the nail of your thumb, give them 2-3 grass hoppers of the smaller kind or 2-3 guppys.

    And for the rest of the day they can feed on all the plant based materials they want.
    Store bought salad is not so good but you can feed them (dried) algaes like wakame and hijiki, dried herbs(algaes from the garden pond)…and if you have a small patch of grass in your garden you can find herbs they like if you are not one of the people who comb their garden know what i mean with that.

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