1. Dwight Burdick, MD, FACEP on

    I’m sorry to miss the SA this year. I can only imagine the uproar over Paul Begala as Keynote!
    So Colleagues, here’s two bits from the far left.
    Health Care reform is moribund. Whatever will face the House and Senate for their vote will be an abomination.
    Obama and his Democratic veto-proof majority don’t have the fortitude to press for meaningful reform, and most of you out there would revolt if they did.
    Probably none of us EM doc’s want Health Care reform if this abomination is all we are going to get. No universal coverage, no answer to the issue of non-emergency primary care in our ED’s, no solution to overcrowding, diversions, or boarding, no tort reform, nothing to address our epidemic of sedentary stressful obesity. Just more madates, requiring our patients and us to work harder, spend more, receive less, and hand over the remnants of our children’s future to the government for transfer to the Corporatists.
    So Colleagues, let’s forget our differences and pull together to aggressively oppose any further consideration of Health Care reform by our present lot of politicians, who are so solidly in the pocket of big pharma, big insurance, and big business.
    In 2010, let’s pull together and vote out every single incumbent.
    In 2012, let’s vote out Mr. Obama, and the rest of the incumbents on the ticket.
    Finish them off in 2014.
    Let’s not let anyone polarize us in these issues. Let’s come together as Colleagues.
    When the dust settles, we can sit down together and collegially work out Health Care reform which meets the needs of our patients and of our specialty.

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