Happy July 4


While celebrating this great day, remember that the holiday wasn’t created for picnics, it wasn’t created as an excuse to shoot off fireworks, and it wasn’t created so that most of us could get another day off of work.

Always remember the ordinary people who became extraordinary by leaving their families to travel far away and to put their lives and safety on the line so that we can all be free to celebrate this holiday.

Have a safe and happy holiday. And please be careful with fireworks.

Time to go to a parade to give as many veterans as I can find a handshake and a thank you.


  1. Beautiful post – so true.

    Touching picture and seeing the older vet looking so emotional really tugs at my heartstrings. It seems they both appreciate each other and *understand* and that the younger vet is comforting the elderly one.

    We have so many blessings in this country, even in the tough times and so much to be grateful for. Our veterans since before our first Independence day and all along have kept us safe and free. And we have helped so many other countries as well.

  2. Surely the caption on the picture is wrong.

    I am sure the Marine was injured when he attempted to defuse a bomb. If he had actually defused it, he wouldn’t have been hurt.

    //former Combat Engineer, US Army

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