Healthcare Update — 01-28-2013

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You can keep your doctor and your insurance … if you can afford it. Some insurance brokers expect health insurance premiums to triple in the fall prior to full implementation of Obamacare. Oh, and if you can’t afford that insurance, plan to pay a punitive tax.

But don’t worry, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant thinks that everything is fine now. Everyone in America has health care. All they have to do is go to the emergency room.

Once no one can afford private insurance due to premium hikes, then government funding cuts can affect essential hospital services – like what is happening in Australia.


Should smokers and obese patients be left to their own vices? Is increasing their insurance premiums an additional 50% above regular policy premiums under Obamacare enough?

How do you get chemotherapy, heart surgery, mental health treatment, and a wheelchair when you have no insurance, no home, and no money to pay for your health care? Threaten the life of the president and his family. Homeless Florida man makes habit of threatening sitting presidents when he needs a place to stay or he needs medical care … and it works.
Sad that federal prisoners receive better medical care than many hardworking law-abiding citizens.


Smoking decreases life expectancy by 10 years. Risk is decreased by 90% if smoking stops before age 40.  Most of the excess mortality among smokers was due to neoplastic, vascular, respiratory, and other diseases that can be caused by smoking. The probability of surviving from 25 to 79 years of age was about twice as great in those who had never smoked as in current smokers (70% vs. 38% among women and 61% vs. 26% among men).

Florida medical malpractice changes?

Pain pill abuse occurs because doctors don’t take drugs seriously … according to insight from an administrator at the DEA.

California hospitals being overrun by patients suffering from influenza. Is this any indicator about how the hospital is being run?


Kudos to Bongi for his blog being rated the best medical blog on the internet by a Forbes writer. Well-deserved!

150 year-old Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn may close due to financial pressures.

Louisiana jury awards mother $24.2 million after child undergoes heart surgery and pump malfunctions during surgery, allegedly causing cardiac arrest.

Patients gone wild. Well … this time it is a patient visitor who jumped a counter to see his wife then assaulted several staff who tried to restrain him. Just wait until those horrible staff members get their Press Ganey scores.

Whiplash injuries don’t benefit from active management.

Lyme Disease 2.0. New Jersey woman exhibits symptoms of Lyme Disease, but tests negative. Examination of her spinal fluid shows newly-discovered organism borrelia miyamotoi instead of borrelia burgdorferi which causes Lyme Disease.

I don’t believe it! Medicare planning to penalize doctors $1.3 billion per year for failing to report “quality” measures.

You don’t say! Penalizing hospitals for excess 30 day readmissions has no clear “biological, clinical or therapeutic evidence base” and subjects hospitals that improve patient’s mortality (death) rates to “unjust[] penaliz[ation]under the current reimbursement system.
Anyone out there who thinks that the federal penalties for 30 day readmissions are about improvement in “quality” and not about the government creating another way to take money away from hospitals is just plain naive.

Curious about statistics regarding admissions and repeat visits within 30 days after hospital discharge? Out of more than 5 million patient visits studied, 18% had at least one acute care encounter within 30 days and 14.7% were readmitted. ED visits accounted for 40% of all post-discharge acute care encounters.

Medicare inappropriately billed for … and pays … more than $120 million for care provided to inmates and illegal immigrants. Federal law says that Medicare should pay for neither.

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  1. I saw red when reading about insurances tripling! UNBELIEVABLE! I don’t know why I say that since I know these things are happening …but I am continually in disbelief feeling it is all so surreal …a bad dream to wake up from.

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