Healthcare Update 06-18-2012


That won’t get you back any quicker. 18 year old Utah man arrested for making terroristic threats after writing threatening messages on the back of ED comment cards while waiting to see his aunt. One note allegedly said “put the money in a bag or I’ll blow up the hospital.” Hospital personnel found the notes while the visitor was in the parking lot and he was arrested. Just proves that someone actually reads those cards after all.

It pays to sleep in. Sleeping less than six hours a night increases risk of strokes in healthy adults by 450%. Patients who were obese didn’t have the same risk.

Don’t make fun of male hikers who carry tampons in their backpacks. Here are ten ways a tampon may “save your life,” although I’m not sure that all of these examples are “lifesaving.”

Remember the homeless man whose face was being eaten by the zombie bath salt guy in … Florida? He’s doing better and has a remarkably positive attitude. Video shows pictures of the man after first surgeries.

After getting that superbug infection from overusing antibiotics to “clear up that cough,” your doctors can then decide to put you on an even stronger antibiotic that damages your kidneys … until it too is rendered ineffective by its use in chicken feed and by the fact that it is “flying off the shelves” in India where antibiotic overuse is common.

The good news is that it may save your child from being burned up in a fire. The bad news is that it may cause obesity, anxiety, precocious puberty, and abnormal reproductive cycles later in life.

I like sushi, but after reading this article, I am no longer eating squid sushi. Ever. Don’t read this article if you are eating seafood … or anything else. You have been warned.

A rather unconvincing argument. Paul Abrams argues that there is no individual “mandate” in the Affordable Care Act. No one is “compelled” to purchase insurance. It’s just that if people don’t purchase health insurance, they have to pay a fine.

One electronic medical record system is slowly becoming the standard for hospital systems across the country. Silicon Valley experts are betting against it and some physician users are frustrated with the system and its interface, but Epic keeps going strong.

Soon, you’ll get a ticket if you wipe your buttocks from back to front. Liberal Swedish politicians put forth motion to require genderless washrooms with no urinals. The politicians only have our best interests at heart, though. Men who sit while urinating empty their bladders more fully which in turn reduces the risk of prostate problems.
I’m guessing that if the idea becomes law, the resulting protests will cause many men to suddenly develop very bad aim while standing.

I didn’t catch this must-read article when it was first published, but was glad to see it re-published in this month’s ACEP News. A dying patient’s list of 22 things to do before you die. Read it.


  1. The urinal-free toilet wasn’t suggested by any “Liberal” party – it was suggested by “Vänsterpartiet” which is the communist party in Sweden (not A communist party, but THE communist party).

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