Healthcare Update — 08-01-2012

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Bank robber gets shot in hand while trying to run over state troopers. Brought to emergency department and prescribed pain medication. When he returned to jail, the nurse gave him Tylenol #3 instead. Inmate then sued everyone for $2 million. Fortunately, a judge dismissed the case.

Something wrong with this picture? Woman has “mommy makeover” surgery but is left on birth control pills, later suffers a blood clot to the lungs and dies.
Man then listens to his 911 call for the first time … with his attorney rubbing his shoulder … while being videotaped … and while two other people take pictures … including large boards saying “DEADLY COMBINATION” and “Drs Knew” in the background … which are then published in a FLORIDA newspaper.
At least there’s no way that a judge would let such evidence be presented at trial.

Fast and Furious part deux. DEA steals truck from private trucking company, uses truck to transport marijuana in a sting operation, truck and driver get shot up, then DEA returns bullet-ridden truck to its owners and shrugs its shoulders. Damages to business owner top $100,000 and DEA won’t pay up.
I wanna try me that with one of them there federal mail trucks and see how far I get.

See how you like it. Medical malpractice victims get $250,000 cap on non-economic damages in lawsuits, now Texas Supreme Court caps damages for nurses and other healthcare providers at $250,000 when they are injured on the job and the hospitals haven’t purchased worker’s compensation insurance.

Scamnation again! Now scammers are using throwaway cell phones to contact elderly targets and allege that they are relatives who need money wired to a foreign country to pay for bail or medical care. Scammers get all the information from people’s social media pages.

This is your brain on drugs … Canadian teen taken into police custody after getting caught fighting with a mailbox. Literally. He was yelling threats at the “malevolent mailbox.” Taken to the emergency department and found to be high on LSD. Let me know if you see the Mad Hatter running around the jail cell, OK bud?

While medical staff was busy trying to save a patient’s life, the Florida emergency department registration clerk was writing down his credit card and driver’s license numbers. After the patient died, the clerk used the information to purchase more than $1100 in merchandise such as bridal shoes and plane tickets.
Her new destination is … the Greybar Motel.

Emergency physicians turn out to be pretty good at reading ultrasound images in the emergency department. Now we’ll see how long it takes for the radiologists to tell everyone that we’re doing ultrasound exams too much.

Milwaukee area hospital emergency departments soon will be going “Oxy-free” and will be refusing to give IV narcotics to patients with chronic pain. Which means that there will be a lot more patients with chronic pain who suffer acute falls and have intractable pain from those “injuries.”

And the tangentially medical link for the day … in Canada, it is against the law to lie on broadcast news. In the US … not so much.

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  1. Another good day for Texas insurers! Remember this in all the debates about healthcare, tort reform, etc. If you ever wonder who really wins, just know it’s the insurance industry.

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