Healthcare Update 08-10-2012

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Good thing the government is going to make sure everyone has INSURANCE. Now good luck finding care. Nearly one third of doctors won’t take government’s Medicaid insurance. If you live in New Jersey, only 40% of doctors accept Medicaid. This same issue was raised years ago and no one paid attention. Now we’re all getting what we wished for.

One huge difference between health care systems in the US and Great Britain … in the US you get taxed to receive insurance, in Great Britain, you get taxed to receive health care.

The first thing I thought when I read this study was that a man must have been the author. Doctors hypothesize on way for women to combat morning sickness. You’ll have to click the link to read more about it. This is a family-oriented blog.

This will teach you not to do the dishes. Delaware doctor accused of sticking his daughter’s head under the kitchen faucet to “waterboard” her. Of course the daughter was known to have made false claims of abuse against a half-sibling in the past, but Delaware officials ordered an emergency suspension of the physician’s license after a complaint was filed by the Delaware attorney general’s office.

The everlasting drip. With growing resistance to one of the last antibiotics available to treat it, gonorrhea may soon become untreatable. Think about that next time you’re checking out that hunk/hottie at the bar.

Healthcare law may cut down on excessive procedures. Health care law may also cut down on necessary procedures by labeling them as “unnecessary” or “excessive.” Pay for your own cardiac catheterization, Grandma. You’re too old. This will be the new “death panel” issue. Just watch.

Not a bad list. Dr. Chill comes up with a list of the 10 essential things for an emergency room toolkit. Now if only people would start calling it the emergency department.

Exposing doctors’ endorsement income. Dr. Drew Pinsky endorsed Wellbutrin on the radio and made at least $275,000 doing so. We should probably have more legislation to keep that from ever happening again. What a coincidence. The Sunshine Act provision within Affordable Care Act will be enforced by CMS and will track financial relationships between PHARMA and medical professionals.

Violence and attacks in Egyptian hospitals causing closures of hospitals or emergency departments.

Medical malpractice caps overturned by Missouri Supreme Court. Because laws limiting damages violate a constitutional right to trial by jury. Missouri’s Lieutenant Governor isn’t happy about the decision.

Comparing correlation and causation: Minorities are more likely to be diverted to other hospitals when in ambulances. White children more likely to receive head CTs. Are health care providers racist?

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  1. Re: White children getting more head CTs.

    The medical literature is rife with studies that seem to show racial bias in lots of areas of medicine. Most of these studies aren’t very robust in their design and I don’t agree with a lot of their conclusions because most of them are retrospective chart reviews that can cause a lot of co-founders that change the results of the study.

    What is ironic is that here we have found a situation where being a minority and receiving “less” healthcare (in the form of an unnecessary head CT) is actually beneficial. I am sure that the vast majority of these head CTs are negative and were never indicated in the first place. Therefore, not getting that head CT was actually benefiting the minority patients because they were not exposed to the brain radiation of a head CT.

    The article explains why this is so- white parents demand head CTs for minor head trauma more than minority parents. It seems pretty clear that this is not a case of provider bias but more parental anxiety that seems to be present in white parents than minority parents. In this case, that anxiety is increasing the lifetime risk of cancer to the child.

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