Healthcare Update Satellite — 11-20-2013


How do patients choose their physicians? New survey by the American Osteopathic Association shows that 65% use word of mouth. 50% use their insurance provider directories. 10% use hospital web sites. 9% use consumer review websites such as Yelp. Then 19% who want to gamble with their lives use physician rating sites such as The most important factor in choosing a physician is whether that physician accepts the patient’s insurance plan.

Another example of the difference between “insurance” and “health care.” UnitedHealth cuts thousands of doctors from its networks. You can have the most expensive insurance in the country, but if few doctors accept it as payment or if the company doesn’t have sufficient providers on its network to care for its patients, “health care” will inevitably suffer. One doctor noted that “Fewer practitioners mean longer waits, longer drives, less convenience.” Another oncologist stated that “Patients battling cancer should be focused on their treatment, not on finding another doctor.”

John Edwards will be representing the rights of the disenfranchised once more. I can only wonder if, during all of his “channeling”, his wife tells him what an a-hole he is.

Remember the 2 year old Indonesian kid who was a 2 packs per day chain smoker? Well at 6 years old he’s finally kicked the habit. Now he’s reportedly an overweight junk food addict.

I wonder if there is a study comparing swimmers to non-swimmers … a 1:200 concentration of bleach in water (roughly 2 tsp of bleach per gallon of water), reverses aging of the skin and inflammation from diseases such as eczema. So far, the trials have only been done in mice, but researchers are also looking at whether dilute bleach can improve healing of diabetic ulcers. Stock up on bleach while you can … before it gets labeled as a drug by the FDA and the price goes up to $750/gallon.

Infants often have low body stores of Vitamin K, a vitamin that is needed for blood to clot properly. So infants are usually given a dose of Vitamin K to prevent bleeding. Risks of developing bleeding are 81 times greater in infants that don’t receive the Vitamin K shots.
In Nashville TN, there have been several incidents of intracranial bleeding in infants whose parents have refused to let them receive Vitamin K shots. Of course, the parents initially refused the injections due to fears of their children being exposed to toxins or getting leukemia from the shots, then the parents pled ignorance of the bleeding risks from not receiving the shot after their children had developed brain bleeds.
Jenny McCarthyism is still putting children’s lives at risk.

Police go to residence to investigate a complaint of a pig running around a property. They find an 11 year old boy handcuffed to a porch with a dead chicken tied around his neck. His foster parents? A social services supervisor and an emergency department nurse.

Should the government be prosecuted for creating Andrew Stiles believes so. After all, a commercial venture that is likely mislead consumers violates the Federal Trade Commission Act. The whole premise that people “can keep their healthcare plan” and the “dramatic underestimate[s]” of pricing on the site are just a couple of ways in which consumers have been misled on the site.

Doctor Christine Daniel gets 14 years in prison and a $1.2 million fine for selling snake oil to cancer patients. What she alleged was a herbal concoction to cure cancer was really just a mixture of suntan lotion and beef flavoring. Several patients died when they didn’t seek medical treatment and instead relied on Dr. Daniel’s promises.

Mental health care is in a crisis in Colorado. This report says that mental health patients make up almost half of the emergency department patients at Denver Health every weekend. When you cut funding for psychiatric care by 20% and cut the number of psychiatric beds by 30%, the patients with psychiatric problems don’t just disappear. When they can’t get help, they end up in the emergency department, in jail, or even worse. Could the Columbine or Aurora shootings have been prevented by expanding psychiatric care? Probably not. But one emergency department physician noted that for every “high-profile event that everybody knows about, there’s a hundred that were either near misses … or resulted in violence.”


  1. RE:Vitamin K
    From your article link “vitamin K deficiency occurs among 4.4-7.2 per 100,000 infants.”

    “Jenny McCarthyism” is a rational fear of your child getting autism (unemployable/no future).

    “The number of children identified with the disorders ranged from one in 210 in Alabama to one in 47 in Utah.”

    How do the children get autism?
    Answer than and you will cure the “Jenny McCarthyism” fear.

    • From wikipedia” For infants in the United States, vitamin K1 deficiency without bleeding may occur in as many as 50% of infants younger than 5 days old.”

      So deficiency percentage IS significant? not 7.2 per 100,000.

    • Oh come on. I’m trying to temper my enthusiasm at its ultimate demise. I didn’t even mention it once in this post.
      I’m going to respectfully disagree with you that Obamacare isn’t going anywhere. If it can’t be implemented, no one trusts the security of their data to the “navigators,” the web site doesn’t work, and everyone’s insurance rates are skyrocketing, I’m not sure how it *can’t* go anywhere – especially if Republicans get control of House and Senate.

    • “Its here, it ain’t going anywhere. Get over it.”

      That whole “It’s the law, L-A-W LAW!, and it can never be changed or repealed, not ever!!” talking point kind of fell over the first time Obama unilaterally decided to make a change to it. He’s now made at least 19 changes (probably more) to the L-A-W LAW! that the Congressional Democrats passed, and there are more coming through every week.

      I really think the law (L-A-W LAW!) should be implemented exactly as passed and as signed into law (L-A-W LAW!). Any changes to the law should have to go through the legislature, not just be made on the whim of the executive. That means no delays to the business mandate, no waivers for cronies, none of that. The whole kit and kaboodle goes into effect on January 1, 2014, exactly as written, for every single American.

      Let it burn. Then bring on the 2014 elections.

  2. What you fail to understand about funding mental health care is that mental patients cannot be counted on to reliably vote Democrat. They’re just too disorganized. As opposed to disability patients, welfare recipients, social security recipients, and other dependents of the federal teat; who reliably vote their interests, and screw the national interest.

    Until schizophrenics and bipolar manics vote Democrat, they’re just a bad investment.

    • Paul wrote “ that mental patients cannot be counted on to reliably vote Democrat. They’re just too disorganized.”
      No the mental patients are too drugged to function (to vote).
      The mental patient is too drugged to get into trouble, no trouble? then they are not “mental” anymore. A cure. Drugged for their lifetime.

      “a bad investment.” What? Drugs cost money.
      If you (Republicans) have invested in a Pharmaceutical company that supplies the drugs that keeps the schizo’s and bipolar’s from making trouble, you are making money.

  3. “Several patients died when they didn’t seek medical treatment and instead relied on Dr. Daniel’s promises.”

    Q. What is “alternative medicine”?

    A. Medicine that doesn’t work. If it worked, it would just be called “medicine”.

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