Hurricane Safety, Part Deux


Hurricane Irene is beginning its trek up the East Coast. The damage from the storm is predicted to be horrific.

Any of you self-righteous attorneys from New Orleans want to post a comment prospectively telling all the hospitals everything that they need to do in order to avoid being sued for an “inadequate response” to this natural disaster? Any experts in disaster preparedness want to chime in?





Yeah. Didn’t think so.

Yet when some patient gets a fleck of dust in their eye from the 120 mile an hour winds after the storm has passed, based on the recent $25 million settlement from Katrina lawsuits, I’m betting that the attorneys will be falling over each other to file lawsuits to retrospectively tell everyone what the hospital did wrong in preventing said speck of dust to become airborne and lodge in the patient’s cornea, though. God forbid that a hospital’s backup generator breaks down. Just sign a check.

While I’m at it …

Any person living east of the Mississippi River is hereby put on notice that a hurricane is coming. You need to take adequate measures to protect yourself from any potential injury or death from the hurricane. This may include moving yourself out of any hospital within 300 miles of the hurricane and relocating yourself in a hospital west of the Mississippi River.

Is that enough to prevent people from suing?


  1. Nope. Hospitals owe a duty of care to the patients inside them. Warning them that they have to take adequate measures to protect themselves from the hurricane helps the “assumption of risk” defense later on, but it’s not going to be an absolute bar to lawsuit.

  2. Being a Jersey girl,Ive heard Governor Christie(NJ) and Mayor Bloomberg (NYC) warn people to evacuate ..even mandatory evacs. They have been doing this for at least a couple of days. Bloomberg has stated all the hospitals, etc were in process of relocating compromised patients,etc. They have been working on this for days. I believe Gov Christie has a clip out being replayed in which he says (after clearly warning people) “Get the hell out”. (Shore areas) And Bloomberg has been warning about public transportation closing down at noon today. Most people choosing to ignore the warnings will have done so out of their own stupidity.

    I think we learned lessons from Katrina.

    Fortunately we’re in the mountains, but still supposed to get slammed with flooding and winds and we are already saturated here and had flooding last week because of ponds and streams in our area that can’t handle overflow.

    I actually wrestled with adding flood ins yesterday, but in 34 yrs ..never had a problem didn’t. Anyway,time to go out and batten down the hatches around the yard.

    Wishing all the east coasters peace and safety with no or minimal damage.

  3. Correction: Christie said, “Get the hell off the beach … and get in your car,” Governor Christie said during a late Friday afternoon news conference. “You’re done, its 4:30, you’ve maximized your tan.”

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