I Don't Want To Know


Just finished a string of shifts and finally have a few days to breathe and put all the posts I have in my head into writing.

One short thing that happened to me last night …
I was busy writing admission orders when I saw my phone light up.
A call from home. Eight year old Junior WhiteCoat is on the other end. Usually they call Mrs. WhiteCoat, but she was at her office and daughter WhiteCoat was watching the kids.
Me: “Everything OK, buddy? Kind of busy in the hospital right now.”
Junior: “Yeah.”
Me: “So what’s up?”
Junior: “Where is the drill and the soldering iron?”
Me: “Ummmm. Let me talk to your sister.”
Junior: “Oh, she’s outside.”

Was then going to call the fire department and send them to my house, but opted to call a neighbor to go and hide all combustible items, electric tools, and sharp objects from our garage immediately. Fortunately, Mrs. WhiteCoat was on her way home.

Reminded me of one of those Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.


  1. LOL…too funny, bud. I have three kids but thankfully, because of my lack of talents, I don’t have many big toys that can get them in trouble…Hope the house was still standing…

  2. Did you ever find out what he was planning on making? Come to think of it, I’ve never-ever needed a drill and a soldering iron at the same time.

    • He was making a motorized robot and one of the wires pulled out of the battery compartment. He was going to drill a hole in it and solder the wire back in place.
      After reviewing his plan, it was actually quite creative.
      He was using a kit, by the way. Not even my kids are smart enough to build a robot from scratch.

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