Ironic Criticisms


The whole mess with salmonella and peanuts is pathetic.

Congress is holding a hearing titled “The Salmonella Outbreak: The Continued Failure to Protect the Food Supply” to determine whether Peanut Corp. officials knew that the peanuts they were shipping had tested positive for salmonella. Peanut Corp. President Stewart Parnell has been compelled to testify before the Subcommittee. According to one version of the story, when Parnell was informed that some of the company’s products tested positive for salmonella, he allegedly stopped using the lab that came up with so many positive results and shipped the product anyway.

If it really comes to light that the owners of the peanut companies knew that they were putting a bad product out into the market, they should be bailed out with several billion dollars in government loans. Ooops. Wrong industry.

If it really comes to light that the owners of the peanut companies knew that they were putting a bad product out into the market, they should be heavily fined and potentially jailed.

Henry Waxman, the Democratic Representative for the Los Angeles area of California and chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce was quoted during the hearing as stating that “this company cared more about its financial bottom line” than about food safety.”

Waxman’s state has lost more than 800 inpatient pediatric hospital beds in the past 10 years and his own district has lost more than 400 inpatient pediatric hospital beds in the past 10 years because his state is repeatedly unwilling to pay for appropriate childhood medical care.

When Waxman’s state and the district he represents are “more concerned about their financial bottom line” than about the safety of the children they represent, I find his criticisms of the peanut industry a little ironic.


  1. well, its not just kids ….when the FDA cares more about cancer, AIDS, disbetes, coronary pateints than their own bottom line they can talk

  2. doubly more ironic because the fertility docs of the octuplets in california are billing medi-cal for their care….the state won’t pay for appropriate child care but will pay for the conception cost of these 8 little babies who now that they’re here will need much long term assistance from the state (which it is sounding like it won’t be available)…this is too bizarre.

  3. California’s budget is a complicated mess. For as long as I’ve paid any attention (which would be, yikes, about 20 years? Well longer than I’ve lived in California or been an adult), it seems it’s been on a destructive binge-and-purge cycle. I think the particular implementation of the ballot initiative system has some blame, as does the Prop 13 limitation on property tax. In any case, I don’t think it has much relevance to the PCA situation.

  4. Political double talk or what not Waxman scored plenty of points for his comments, the Jesse Jackson way.

    The rest of the country does not know what is going on in his State. Out of sight out of mind so to speak. No media coverage, no problem.

  5. Optimistic SeaSpray is becoming jaded about so many things. This is just one more.

    If they really knew they were potentially putting even one person at risk… they should be fired, fined, sued and since people have died…JAILED.

    What if it was THEIR loved one.

    There is no excuse for this.

    Back to peanuts… i think everyone responsiblr for letting the bad peanuts go out should be made to eat their own nuts! I’m just sayin.

    And speaking of bail out… it is mind boggling to hear of all the pork in this recent one and the tax cut for people only amounts to 13.00? they are saying it may or may not work. Our VP says it has THIRTY percent chance of failing? 30% is darn high!

    I know I am sounding harsh. And accident is one thing. It was not intended.

    Maybe they didn’t intend for so many people to suffer… but what did they think would happen? Why are there regulations, standards, guidelines to protect the food supply?

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