Lawyers Keep Their Cut of Health Care Pie


By a vote of 32-66, today the Senate rejected an amendment to the health care bill that would cap plaintiffs’ lawyers fees to one-third of the first $150,000 of any judgment and one quarter of any amount above $150,000. Democrats reportedly stated that the amendment was “unfair” because it did not limit fees for defense lawyers in malpractice cases.

Ahhhh. Legislation will be rejected if it doesn’t apply fairly to people on both sides of an issue.

So are Democrats next going to toss out the whole bill because it is unfair that Democratic members of Congress vote against accepting the same public option health plan they have designed for the American citizens?


  1. See, this makes me violently hate Democrats and lawyers. I know that’s bad,(to generalize them all into one lump) ….but it’s just true.

    • I’ve been saying this forever. The system is skewed towards dysfunction. People say you don’t blame the passengers in a plane crash. UNLESS THE PASSENGERS ATTACK THE PILOT OR THE AIRPLANE!

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    • The RePUBlicans were no better. Remember how we got here in the first place. NO one has our patient’s best interest at heart but us, and the lawyers use them to browbeat us to death.

  3. We need a one-week walkout. Now. Man the ER’s, and the rest of us set up in Public Parks, under an umbrella, with stethoscope, and B/P cuff, and give free care. Shut the rest of it down! This whole thing is BS. We can’t play politics with Medicine.

    • I agree. This whole thing seriously stinks like the B.S. that it is. Lawyers vote themselves raises and increase taxes on the rest of us with impunity. 51% of us no longer want to do our chosen professions and even Medical School applications are down! The average age of physicians in this country is 56! If we don’t do something then no one’s going to be left to have our patient’s best interest at heart at all.

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