Lucky in More Ways Than he Knows



Hey all, I this is ERP from ERstories doing a guest post on Whitecoat’s Blog. I want to give him and the EP Monthly staff my thanks for accepting some of my occasional ramblings.

Drunk people are often victims of their own stupidity. However, just as often they manage to avoid disaster by some miracle. For example, intoxicated persons have a tendency to end up face down in the street and often manage to avoid getting run over. Sometimes they are even luckier. Of course they never really realise this since after all, they are drunk. Hopefully when they sober up they count their blessings but often they simply can’t remember enough!

Anyway, we had a guy who was brought in by police intoxicated outside someone’s house. Apparently he was visiting the area and was staying with someone in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, when he stumbled home from the local watering hole, he went up to the front door of the wrong house. Frustrated by the fact that his key did not work and upset that no one answered his knocking, he preceded to kick the door in. He flopped partially into the doorway and nearly passed out. This of course triggered the house alarm and the police were notified. The responding officer sped rapidly to the scene for more than one reason. The door that had been kicked in belonged to the chief of police’s house! Expecting the worst, the cops showed up with Glocks drawn. Knowing the chief’s love of firearms and the fact that he was not afraid to use them, I imagine they thought they might encounter some OK Corral– type scenario. Fortunately for the guy, the police chief was not at home at the time. Otherwise, he would have likely been brought to the morgue instead of the ER! One more of his nine lives used up I guess….


  1. Great story! OMG, so sorry about rating it a 5 star. I thought that was the highest, and realized 10 is highest. A moment of my stupidity.

  2. One of our former regulars used to turn up in all kinds of strange places after a night out drinking. Some of the more memorable places included various neighbors’ front porches, neighbors’ front lawns, McDonalds’ rest rooms, bank lobbies, and a garbage dumpster. Never got a break in at the police chief’s home, though.

  3. WOW!! he sure was lucky indeed. and unfortunate for you ERP, because I am sure that his breath smelled so bad you would have to treat him with a 10 foot syringe! LOL Stacy

  4. Yeah, and I was trying to tell the guy how lucky he was but he just kept cursing at me. He didn’t really speak much English so I guess he would not have gotten it all anyway.

  5. On my gen surg rotation we had a trauma patient who was heavily intoxicated and also stumbled to a house which he thought belonged to him but didn’t. Luckily for him, when he couldn’t get in the front door, he didn’t kick it in. He just passed out in the driveway. Anyways, in the morning, the owner of the house woke up the next day for work, got in his car, and started to back out his driveway. Backing over the passed out patient in the process. That’ll get your adrenaline pumping in the morning.

  6. That happened to me once.. both ways. When I was 17.. I ended up passed out in my pajamas on my girl friend’s parents sofa and I heard they were surprised when they came home.

    One summer night I was alone in the kitchen around 2 am… all the windows and curtains open.. but lights low. my husband and kids were sleeping.

    Someone kept trying to open our living room door and I was so scared that I backed into a corner so I couldn’t be seen and was paralyzed with fear.

    Then it stopped.

    I waited and then ran in to tell my husband.

    Turned out to be our neighbor.. who was drunk and drove one house too far. At least he didn’t kick the door in. 🙂

    I wonder if the person who was backed over was alright because they were relaxed from being passed out.

    One of our dogs decided to nap behind a neighbor’s tires and she backed over her. She was horrified when she lifted up over her. Friend called me frantic and we ran out. Our dog actually walked down to us, then collapsed in my husband’s arms. She stayed over at the vets for observation and then discharged. She lived many more years.

    But I’ve heard that drunks are so relaxed that they often survive accidents that sober people don’t… but I don’t know if that is true.

  7. Reminds me of a story my anatomy professor (may he rest in peace) told me many years ago: One night Galen (*the* great Galen of anatomy fame) witnessed a drunk man cursing and kicking at the door of a house that may or may not have been his. Galen apparently was so shocked by the combination of temper and inebriety and what it can do to a man’s dignity, that he swore from that day on to control his own temper and his propensity to drink. Apparently he kept his promise — not an easy one for a man who had been quite hot-headed up to that time.

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