Mail Order Prescriptions Just Went From Bad to Worse


As if drug shortages aren’t enough.

Remember the post about Medco patients “accidentally” running out of their prescriptions because Medco “didn’t receive” faxes, because Medco was trying to pitch your doctor to prescribe other medications, and because of “delays” from the mail?

Well you don’t have to worry about Medco anymore.

The Federal Trade Commission just approved a buyout of Medco by Express Scripts. Now there are just two mail order houses – Express Script/Medco and CVS/Caremark.

Think your mail order prescription problems were bad before?

You ain’t seen nah-thing yet.




  1. Great, another round of crap for us community/retail pharmacists who will be getting all sorts of rejections about medications being not covered or the insurance wanting the patient to only use mail order. While mail order tends to be cheaper for patients, it doesn’t help when the patient is out of insulin or other critical medications and the mail order facility lost the Rx or mailed it out late so the patient is out of meds but now the insurance will not pay for a covering amount of medications (or in the case of insulin, I can’t charge and dispense for 1/3 of a bottle insulin like the insurance wants)

  2. “Oh, it will be a seamless transition to new Big- Hospital-Who-Is-Buying-Out-All-the-Little- Regional-Hospitals’ Health Insurance Plan who uses Express Meds! from proven long-time insurance carrier and Medco.” NOT! Express Meds have lost so many of my prescriptions & they have lost ME so many times I could just spit! My beloved PCP wondered why I keep asking her for another Levoxyl or TriCor script. She thought I was selling them on the black market. When she heard it was ES, she just rolled her eyes.

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