Message from Nurse K


Nurse K sent me an e-mail and wanted me to let everyone know that she is dealing with a “rock” issue.

She’ll be back.

Check out some of the other great medical blogs in my Blog Links at the right while you’re waiting for her return. Or if you have a medical blog, leave your link in the comments and I’ll add you to the list.


  1. Bless you Nurse K.

    I’m sure that I speak for many in saying that you are in our prayers.

    Take care of “first things” and we’ll see you when we see you.


  2. Thanks for the update, WC. As a retired nurse I worried that it was a professional issue that had forced her to go private. While family issues are worrisome and much more important than professional ones, at least you can have some control over the family ones. Professional, not always.
    Nurse K, we will be here when you get back. Best wishes for you and your family.

  3. Dear Nurse K: Showtime really needs you to get back to blogging. They will have to cancel their new hit show Nurse Jackie if they don’t have your blog to plagiarize for their show!

    Loved your blog, and love the show… and I’m no where near the medical field. Unless you count fixing sick or dying computers. (I’m in IT – I read your blogs to look busy all day.) 😉

  4. I was a daily reader of Crass Pollination and have been so confused/frustrated by its sudden disappearance. I need my Nurse K fix!! 🙂

    I found this post by Googling “Nurse K.” Hopefully she’s able to work out these issues…you are DEFINITELY missed, K! Please come back ASAP!

  5. Dear Nurse K,
    As a daily reader of your most eloquent blog, I sorely miss it. More importantly though, I’ll be sending positive vibes your way and I sincerely hope that your ‘rock’ issue turns out for the best. You and Cranky play a large part in the keeping of my sanity. Thank you so very much for what you have provided. I look forward to your return to the blogosphere.
    Warm regards,
    John S

  6. Is this some kind of puzzle with “rock” as the clue?

    rock, paper, scissors… hmmmmm…which one do we need to get you back on line?

    a “rock” issue: Could it be a kidney stone?
    Did you get a “rock” for that ring finger and are planning a wedding?
    Maybe you are changing careers and trying out for a position in a “rock” band?
    Did you “rock” the boat?
    Hope you didn’t hit “rock” bottom!

    Hurry back! You truly are missed!

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