More Evidence That Tort Reform Works


This article from the Dallas Business Journal, quotes the Texas College of Emergency Physicians as stating that the number of emergency physicians increased in 76 Texas counties since tort reform passed in that state six years ago. Almost all of the counties experiencing growth in emergency physicians were previously partially or fully “underserved” for emergency care. In addition, the article states that 22 rural counties which previously had no emergency physicians now have “ER-type assistance” since tort reform was passed.

I won’t fall into the logical fallacy of “post hoc, ergo proper hoc” (“after therefore because of” – i.e. just because the sun comes up after the rooster crows doesn’t mean that the rooster caused the sun to rise), but I do believe it is more than a coincidence that an increase in emergency physician coverage can be added to the list of so many positive changes that have occurred in Texas since tort reform was passed in that state.


  1. Too bad the only way something like that passes is when the state is very conservative in other ways as well – like for instance the push in that state to teach “intelligent design” alongside evolution!

  2. Actually, that doesn’t really answer the question of whether there is increased care, because you didn’t compare it to the population growth over the same period. Naturally, where there are more people, there are more physicians generally. So you’ve just said “there are more” without giving us the context necessary to reach your conclusion.

    Not to mention a vague phrase of “ER-type assistance”. What does that even mean?

    It’s amazing how little skepticism you apply to “evidence” that supports your pre-conceived notions. By the way, how is California, with similar “reform” doing on this scale? Or do we only cite the “evidence” of states that support our position, and ignore similarly situated ones that may not?

    As you are a scientist whose job it is to sort through information and reach conclusions, I hope you apply more skeptical analysis in reviewing claims and reaching conclusions in your profession than you do in your politics.

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