New CPR and ACLS Guidelines Published


The “ABCs” that emergency medical providers have come to know and love has now been changed to “CAB” – as in Circulation first then Airway then Breathing.

Gordon Ewy finally gets well-deserved recognition for his compression-only model of CPR and its significant improvement in patient outcomes. Compress first, compress hard, ask questions later.

These are just a couple of the many changes in the updated CPR/ACLS Guidelines.

The entire set of guidelines is available for review and download at Circulation’s web site. Get them now for free while they are available.


  1. I thought I heard about compression only CPR being the new standard a while ago. So up until now was it just unofficial?

    “Research has shown that several factors prevent bystanders from taking action, including fear that they will perform CPR incorrectly”

    No need for research there. Chances are if I’m the only person around to help I’ll end up doing more harm than good…cracked ribs, snapped sternum, and punctured lungs anyone?

    • Seeing Happy do anything with an airway, breathing or circulation would be about as likely as seeing a three-legged woolly mammoth playing a ukelele in a tutu or a med-surg nurse using an ambu bag.

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