No … Thank YOU


Sometimes dumb little things make me look at my job and think how lucky I am that I can have such a dramatic effect on a person’s life.

Cards like this are one of those dumb little things.

Gramma, your card made every person who works in our emergency department smile and feel as if they really are making a difference.

So thanks to you, also. We’re all glad that you’re still around, too.



  1. Thank yous are so very important. I always try to give them to medical staff… but I have missed doing it too. I feel bad about that, but things happen.

    I always meant to send a nice letter to the hospital complimenting staff in various areas..but never did.

    I guess I still could… but I haven’t been an inpatient since last year. Every time there though whether registration, ED,ancillary departments, SDS, Pre-op, OR,post -op (most of the time)and as an inpatient in all of my visits since January 06… I have been treated with the utmost professionalism and compassion. Attentive, helpful, reassuring… so many things. And marvelous senses of humor, putting me at ease in the OR and elsewhere. And not just the medical professionals who are terrific (my doc stellar), but also clergy, security, housekeeping, dietary,transport, volunteers and I’m probably forgetting someone.

    I wish I wrote it when it would’ve mattered and people would remember.

  2. Midwest woman – I agree with you.

    They can’t hold a candle to something hand written and I save all of that stuff and it has been a blessing to go back and read them…especially if it was a word of encouragement during a difficult time… or a thank you that shows you they did appreciate your efforts.

    I even like to read them years later and they are still special.

    When we stop to write someone…it show that we are taking time for them and are validating their importance and our appreciation, etc.

    I don’t recall his name and he doesn’t blog anymore that I know of… but I did read a doctor’s post in which he discussed a special thank you note that had been written to him by a female patient. I think he saved her life…or she had been very ill. ?

    Anyway, it was a nice thank you note in which she expressed her heartfelt appreciation to him and it meant so much to him…that he actually kept it in the glove compartment of his car and he pulled it out to read every so often and it caused him to feel good every time he read it.

    Must have been a terrific thank you. 🙂

    I do write on cards… but if it ends up being lengthy..I do type it…only because my penmanship is not good. Just don’t have that gift. 🙂

    And when people don’t send thank you notes for a gift… so RUDE!

    WC and all med professionals… it must be such a fantastic feeling to know you helped to save someone’s life or relieved them of tremendous pain and all the wonderful things you do for people.

    You get your share of jerks and ingrates… but people like this lady must be what makes it all worthwhile… that and enjoying your work. 🙂

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