No Vaccine, No Freedom.


ABC News published a story about how a circuit court judge in Maryland has ordered children to get vaccinated. Children in the Prince George’s County school system are required to have chickenpox and Hepatitis B shots before going to school. About 2,300 of 132,000 kids still have not met the immunization requirements. Parents of unvaccinated children have now been ordered to bring their children to the courthouse for vaccination or to face fines of $50/day and up to 10 days in jail.

My first thought when reading this was “who the hell do they think they are?” I jumped up off my computer to go pull the soapbox out of the closet. Then I reconsidered.

Vaccination is one of the “hardships” (if you can call it that) that we pay for living in a society such as ours. Some argue that vaccines are causally linked to other diseases such as autism and SIDS. Others argue that vaccines are ineffective and unsafe. Some object for religious reasons. This Wikipedia entry gives an interesting in-depth analysis of the vaccination debate.

According to the ABC report, 95% of the country is vaccinated. What are we to do with the other 5%? Going to jail may be harsh, and most of those 5% don’t live in Maryland where they’d have to go to jail. So I have an alternative solution.

If you don’t want to get vaccinated or to have your kids vaccinated. Fine. Don’t. If you don’t want to assimilate into this society, you don’t have to. But there’s a catch. Then you have to keep your whooping cough barking, rotavirus spewing, chickenpox scratching, measle-faced offspring away from my kids. I don’t want my family having an increased risk of catching a potentially fatal disease because of your unfounded scientific conclusions or your cockamamie religious beliefs.

Home school your kids and keep them out of places where my kids could catch your kid’s diseases. If you take them to public places, they have to wear bright orange clothing that says “UNVACCINATED” in big letters across the front and back so my family knows to stay the hell away from them.

And when you or your kids do get one of these diseases, don’t go running to a medical facility looking for help. You were offered a simple way to prevent these diseases and chose not to accept it. You don’t want society’s help for these things, remember? Besides, all you’re going to do is spread the disease by exposing your offspring to sick people whose defenses are down. If you sign a religious waiver, go to your church and “have Rev. Bubba lay his hands upon your head and declare you fit.” Or if you just don’t believe that vaccines work, find one of the doctors who shares your beliefs and go see them … if they’re still practicing.

And if you still think that vaccines are ineffective in treating diseases, I have one word for you: smallpox.



  1. I can foresee absolutely no problem in the use of State force to administer vaccines at gunpoint.

    The wonderful thing about the State is that it knows no bounds. History tells us that it is not a slippery slope fallacy to point out that it will begin with vaccines at gunpoint, and then since everyone who wants to integrate into society ought to have a yearly physical (all those who refuse will be jailed), and everyone who doesn’t agree with this will certainly need 10 of haldol and 4 of ativan (all those who refuse will be sedated and paralyzed).

    Don’t use thugs to get your way. Be an independent moral agent: Hold a gun to the family’s head yourself while you inject.

  2. I agree with you. Why should we abide by society’s values, anyway? We shouldn’t have to pay taxes. Heck, we should just be able to walk into a bank and take money whenever we want. Pay for food at the grocery store? Are you kidding? Force kids to get an education? Why? They’re much happier sitting at home playing their Xboxes.
    I think the judge was a little over the top with his dictum. One person ought not mete out punishments like that without proper checks and balances. Legislature would be a better forum. But the judge’s ruling will probably be appealed and there will be a lot more debate over whether parents of unvaccinated children should be fined and/or jailed.
    Society as a whole has already decided that immunizations should be required in children. If people don’t like that decision, they have several choices. One of those choices is to get a passport, board a plane, and move to another society where they don’t have such “harsh” rules.

  3. If you have vaccinated your kids, and those vaccines work, then you should have no fear of death from my typhoid-mary-like unvaccinated children. Anyone who chooses not to vax their kids should be well-educated on the diseases that they are meant to prevent. If not, they’re just stupid and lazy. But if someone has carefully weighed the risks and bennies of the shots and has come to a different conclusion than the common AAP guidelines, what business is it of yours? Your kids are protected because they DID get the shots, right?

  4. Vaccines aren’t 100% effective, but they dramatically lessen the chances of disease. One of my kids has an immune deficiency and doesn’t get the full effect from the immunizations. She almost died from invasive strep already — and she had the PneumoVax. Your argument doesn’t work with me.
    Remember smallpox?

  5. “If you take them to public places, they have to wear bright orange clothing that says “UNVACCINATED” in big letters across the front and back so my family knows to stay the hell away from them.”

    Wow, sig heil, WhiteCoat.

  6. Vaccinating my kids provides an important benefit in stopping diseases – but only to the people who weren’t vaccinated. If I’ve already had a measles vaccine I couldn’t care less whether you cough measles virus on me or not.

    In fact, the optimal number of people to vaccinate isn’t 100% – because the last 5% or so can free-ride off of the other 95%. It sounds like Prince George County already has enough kids vaccinated to get herd immunity. Why force parents to get their kids vaccinated for no benefit whatsoever?

  7. I agree, and the State has the right to enforce this for benefit of the public good; of that there is no question, legally. However, Hepatitis B does _NOT_ fall into the area of public health at large. I am not opposed to HepB immunization (disclosure: my daughter of 18 months is immunized), but this is the same screwed logic as mandating HPV vaccinations.

    Of the “standard” disease vaccines, HepB and tetanus toxoid should be allowed to have exception due to their non-communicable nature. I’m not saying that’s what RECOMMENDED, obviously, just that it shouldn’t be MANDATED.

  8. While the 5% of unvaccinated children are at decreased risk because of herd immunity their individual risk is still higher than if they had received their shots. The issue is that parents are exposing their children to increased risk and no matter what theory you try to float, the bottom line is vaccines are safe and effective. Just look at the mumps outbreak in Iowa or what happened in the former Soviet Union when their vaccination program broke down if you want a reminder on how important vaccines are.

  9. OK, the tongue-in-cheek alternatives to non-compliance apparently didn’t come off as tongue-in-cheek as I intended. No we can’t put people in orange jumpsuits or prevent them from obtaining medical care. The issue is what we can do with people who don’t want to follow society’s rules. You have two options: follow the rules or deal with the consequences.
    The 5% thing doesn’t fly with me, either. Should we just say it’s OK that 5% of society should be able to ignore laws because they don’t think those laws are appropriate? Five percent of people should be allowed to ignore traffic lights, rob other people at will, not pay their taxes, and take anything they want out of stores without paying? After all, the other 95% of the “herd” will keep the economy going.
    Hepatitis B can lead to significant morbidity and mortality.
    Even if a disease isn’t likely to cause death but only causes a protracted illness, should we be able to ignore societal rules (i.e. mandatory immunization) because we *assume* we are protected by the “rest of the herd?”
    I think this is flawed logic.

  10. I agree with this. They should enforce it. If the parents are saying that they don’t want to “hurt” their children, look at it this way: they’ll be in a lot more pain once they get one of these medieval diseases. I had all my shots as a baby, and I don’t remember them at all, as opposed to having to get them later in life.

  11. In Maryland, parents have the right to opt out of vaccinating their children for religious reasons. (Waivers for health reasons are also granted.) For religious waivers, all a parent has to do is sign and date a form asserting this and their child is permitted to attend school once this form is on file.

    Unvaccinated students were not permitted to attend school until proof was provided that they were vaccinated, or a waiver was on file. The school system went so far as to have vaccinations available at the students’ schools, and even then, some parents wouldn’t sign a permission slip to allow their child to be vaccinated.

    Two months after the school set a deadline for students to be vaccinated, and after bending over backwards to assist parents in complying with the law, some 2000 students remain unvaccinated and out of school.

    The parents of these students are being ordered to appear in court to explain why they have failed to have their children vaccinated, or provide proof of vaccination, or assert religious grounds for non-vaccination. (Once again, vaccinations will be available at the courthouse in order to encourage compliance.) These parents are facing fines and jail time because of the prolonged unexcused absences of their children from school (truancy).

    The County has gone above and beyond in assisting parents to comply with the law and now it’s time to start holding parents accountable.

  12. You guys don’t seem to realize that there is NO law that requires anybody to be vaccinated. None, zilch, nada. All they have is school and city policies. You don’t go to jail for not complying with a policy. But if these parents do go to jail, it will get the ball rolling so they can do this everywhere else.

    I read a study not too long ago that there are two kinds of unvaccinated kids: the ones that don’t have all of their shots or are behind on them, and the ones that have never been vaccinated. The latter are made up of children coming from upper classes, well-to do families with college degrees. The kids in that school are mostly poor African Americans who are behind with their vaccines. But in the eyes of the government, it’s easier to take them to court and win, rather than to take people such as yourself, Dr. WhiteCoat because you will most likely provide good and scientific reasons on why you did not have your children vaccinated, as well as having enough money to pay for good lawyers.

    This is not about vaccines, it’s about choice and freedom, just like your title. And slowly, our choices and freedoms are becoming fewer and fewer, until we won’t have any left if don’t do anything to stop this.

    And I will tell you now, if I ever have kids, I will not allow them to get 50-some vaccines before they turn 3. I won’t have them get any, until the manufacture of vaccines is changed. They still make them how they made them 100 years ago, with the same formaldehyde, mercury, and other crap. A mother is told not to smoke and drink during the pregnancy, but as soon as the baby is born he/she gets all this in them, as if their kidneys and livers are mature enough to excrete all of these toxins and preservatives that our adult kidneys and livers can? But that’s a whole different story.

  13. “All 50 states have laws requiring vaccination against diphtheria, measles, rubella, and polio prior to attendance in K-12. Washington, DC and 49 of the 50 states require tetanus vaccination, 44 states and DC require pertussis vaccination, and 48 states and DC require mumps vaccination.”

  14. Maryland is NOT the first state to do that. When I was in high school in NJ a few years ago, we were sent letters home telling us that we had to send proof to the school that we had the chicken pox and all series of Hep B shots done. If we didn’t do that, we were NOT allowed to attend school.

    I come from a low-middle class neighborhood and that didn’t seem like a HUGE problem for underprivileged families. Plus, I think the vaccines help protect the population in case those 5% who are not vaccinated contract a dangerous virus/disease. People who attend college need to get certain shots done too. I think its all a matter of safety.

  15. How I wish there were indeed a vaccine that protected against rotoviruses; I am greatly opposed to vomit.

    I do not have children, and I don’t intend to, and therefore I am not qualified to comment upon this post. I wonder, though, whether vaccination is not partially responsible for what appears to be the underdevelopment of many children’s immune systems, leading to allergies and increased incidences of childhood cancer. Very few children die of chicken pox, or suffer lasting effects from it. Why do we vaccinate for it now? It used to be a simple rite of passage. And what shall we do as adults, when that vaccine wears off, we’re exposed to someone with a shingles outbreak, we contract the virus because most of us are too stupid to realize that it’s all herpes zoster, and we have adult chicken pox, which is far, far more dangerous than it is in a child?

    Maybe we should actually let our kids get sick once in a while. The body won’t heal if it never gets a chance to learn how. Also, having seen in animals the autoimmune diseases that result from overvaccination, I can’t help thinking that a similar principle probably applies to humans.

  16. Just as some kids should be shielded from those who haven’t been vaccinated, what about those with overactive immune systems? My kid has had allergies to many things since birth, despite my breastfeeding for 20 months and plenty of healthy, organic foodstuffs, vaginal birth and full term pregnancy. I’m not anti-vaccination, as I AM a rational person, but I’m with Dianarn in my concern of the combined toxicologic load of young kids these days. Before the 1950s, kids didn’t have asthma…you heard the rare story of those who did who died. There are tons of detergents and plastics that were produced when we discovered how WONDERFUL petroleum hydrocarbons were. Shit…you can make anything from petroleum and we do.

    I still crack up when my dad tells stories of the mandatory vaccinations upon entering the Army in the sixties. They’d just put everything in a gun and shoot it into your arm. He said that probably one in every ten guys would pass out. Some would seize, others would go into respiratory arrest…good times. I would have to think that our military and our schools don’t share THAT much in common…

  17. Meant to add somewhere in my comment about detergents and plastics that they were produced post WWII, which is the time when we started seeing more of these autoimmune type conditions (allergy, asthma, etc).

  18. Sorry, I mistyped — I didn’t mean “underdevelopment of immune systems,” I meant “maladaptation.” That’s what I get for typing and talking on the phone at the same time. Yeesh.

  19. I agree that kids should be vaccinated to be in school. I mean, look at what school is, keep a bunch of kids together in an enclosed space and let them share their germs! Clearly, any serious disease outbreak (like measels or polio) is a huge problem.

    I do not know that the mandatory use of the “inconvienence vaccines” is a good idea. I mean, look at chickenpox. In young kids, all it causes are a few days off of school. It’s not until kids become young adults that chickenpox becomes a dangerous disease. Maybe they shouldn’t need to be vaccinated against chickenpox until just before high school. I also think that while the HPV vaccine may be a great and wonderful idea, we shouldn’t require it for school attendance. But I agree, people who don’t want to vaccinate their kids, in general, have never seen a seriously ill child.

  20. Vaccinations can be wonderful things. However, there are exceptions to every rule. In my case, I have a real problem with vaccinations. I am a long-term COPD patient, and have had a flu vaccination once and pneumonia vaccination twice. Every time I got sick. If it can happen to me, it can surely happen to a child. There needs to be an exception clause for the occasional case like mine. I will never have another flu or pneumonia vaccination, unless they slip it to me unawares. I don’t enjoy being sick.

  21. All it takes is for a parent who did not vaccinate their kid to have their child die. I have a friend who was not for vaccinations. Her child died of Whooping Cough (Pertussis). Guess what, she had a baby a couple of years later and that baby has been vaccinated on schedule.

    I totally agree with Whitecoat. Don’t bring your sick unvaccinated kids around mine. While vaccines provide great immunity, they are not 100% effective. Which means my kids can still get sick because you didn’t vaccinate. Both of my girls have immunity problems. So while it may be a “mild” illness in someone else’s child, it can mean being put in the hospital for mine. I am all for choice and autonomy. However, when you put your child at an increased risk for something that is preventable. I have no sympathy for you and it crosses the line. Hardest thing I ever saw was watching a kid die from something that could have been prevented with a vaccine. My friend lives with this regret every day because she never thought it could happen to her.

  22. I don’t have children so I am also not qualified. I strongly support vaccination – when there is a public health risk – and I am old enough to have been vaccinated against smallpox. I don’t subscribe to anti-vax propaganda, don’t believe that vaccines cause autisms, and had the chicken pox vaccine been available when I was a young adult who hadn’t had it, I’d gotten myself vaccinated.

    Having said this, to my mind the government mandate should only apply to easily comminicable serious deseases -such sa measles, polio, diphteria, whoopping cough – where there is a clear public health risk. I don’t think either Hepatitis B and chicken pox (or HPV) fall in these category. How is a 5 to 10 year old at risk of getting/infecting other with Hepatitis B? Maybe teenagers are a better group for it? Chicken pox is a mild desease in kids; while the immunity from the desease is life-long, the immunity from chicken pox vaccine may not be. Would you rather your child gets chicken pox as a child or as an adult?

    The issue in Maryland are specifically Hepatits B and chicken pox vaccines. None other. Yet all of the examples that support mandatory vaccinations are about measles, pertussis, or small pox. These are apples and oranges.

  23. Sad story with the pic, especially knowing it could have been prevented. Ignorance is bliss. I am glad I wasn’t aware of the controversy when our sons were vaccinated. I guess I did hear something about it when it was 2nd son’s turn but it wasn’t a hot topic like it is now.

    I never had the mumps or the vaccine. Then I refused the hep B vaccine at work because I had seen one of the ED nurses become really sick from it over a period of months. Of course she was the only one and I kind of wish I had gotten it now.

    It bothers me to think of a police state but it also bothers me to think of public risks going up because of a few. Thanks to vaccines we don’t think about these diseases which I guess can foster complacency. It must have been terrifying to live in the polio era.

  24. We had this debate in my expecting club recently and there was a WONDERFUL point brought up that I never thought about. I have always vaccinated my kids and never thought twice about it. A few mommies on the board are against vaccinations and I always thought of that as their choice. But a few moms were up in arms about other kids NOT being vaccinated and then being brought around the other children. The point that was made that I am agreeing with until I hear differently……..

    If your kids are vaccinated it doesn’t matter if they are around my unvaccinated children. Your child is protected. They can’t get the disease, That is why you vaccinated them. So don’t worry if my kids are vaccinated or not..

    I am still vaccinating my kids as that is my choice. But it seems to me that the parents that choose not to vaccinate their children are ONLY affecting their own children. Their kids are NOT a threat to my already vaccinated and protected children.


  25. Another argument … what would happen if insurance companies would not cover illness (think pertussis) that could have been prevented if the child had been vaccinated? Do you think if they were hit in the pocketbook more parents would choose to vaccinate?

  26. Cautious Parent on

    I used to be gung-ho for vaccinations. My child IS vaccinated. However, after his last set, he suffered a severe allergic reaction and broke out in hives and was very sick with fever, chills, and vomiting after that. We are now looking at the possibility that he won’t be *able* to receive certain vaccinations. He also now has a weekend immune system. I have mixed feelings about this. First, his lack of immunization may expose him to certain diseases, for which we will have to be vigilant. Second, he was damaged by something that should have protected him. Ironically, he is on the autistic spectrum, though extremely bright (tests on a college level of intelligence at 9 years of age).

    In yet another case, my cousin’s daughter received her second hepatitis vaccine at 2 months. Shortly thereafter, she became extremely ill, jaundiced, and had ascites. She was determined to have had a reaction to her shot. Although she did not develop true hepatitis, her liver was damaged severely, and she was placed on a transplant list. She almost died. She is now doing well with medications, but she needs constant medical care, and it is only a matter of time before she needs a transplant.

    So, if we have to wear a bright orange suit that says, “Unvaccinated,” I want it to also include a sign for both of our children that says, “We are unvaccinated because the vaccines that were supposed to protect us hurt us.”

  27. First time here. I’m 56 and I’ve had most of the childhood illnesses. I had a DPT immunization and a smallpox one too. I still remember how relieved my mother (a nurse) was when the polio vaccine came out. She rushed me off to get it.

    I actually had rubella, mumps, chicken pox and measles. The rubella was nothing, the mumps were painful for a couple of days, the chicken pox was a few days of itchyness, but the measles….well that was about two weeks of fever, ache and photosensitivity. I was so happy that my own children never had to go through that. They did get chicken pox though and only had a few days of itchyness.

  28. “what would happen if insurance companies would not cover illness (think pertussis)”
    Linda, but in the case in Maryland, the only vaccines at issue are chicken pox and Hepatitis B. For all we know most of these kids are already vaccinated against pertussis and measles. They must’ve been since they are in school.

    As I said, if the issue had been about diphtheria or polio or measles, I’d be with you. But Hepatitis B and chicken pox – I’ve seen doctors who are all for mandatory vaccination when there is a threat to public health question on blogs if these should be mandatory at all:

    It seems dishonest to me to use smallpox as an example when talking about chicken pox.

  29. THERE ARE NO LAWS THAT SAY VACCINATIONS ARE MANDATORY. There are regulations that say children cannot attend public schools without meeting vaccination requirements, however, an exemption can be obtained.

    The problem here is Maryland has no authority to fine or jail parents for breaking a law that does NOT exist. Their use of force is repuslive and unjust. If I were living in Maryland I would move.

    In addition the 2 vaccines we are talking about are Hep B and Chicken Pox, hardly dangerous to society at large. You cannot catch Hep B by attending school classes and chicken pox is only a nusience to most healthy young people who catch it.

    Vaccines do not have to be proven safe or effective, like other pharmaceuticals. After doing some research on vaccines I believe in many cases the benefit is not outweighed by the risk. We are seeing a huge increase in autoimmune disorders that corresponds to the increasing number of vaccines injected into people over a shorter period, in most cases, before the individuals immune system has matured enough to resist an assualt of that magnitude. I see a conspiracy here. Pharaceutical companies manufacuring life long disease created by their own products. A win-win sittuation for pharmaceutical companies, brilliant! And mom & dad are none the wiser, they think they’re ‘protecting’ junior. Its pure genius!

  30. If vaccinations work so well why would your children be threatened by unvaccinated children?

    Since you object to unvaccinated children being treated at medical facilities when they get sick, I’m sure you also object to children whose parents allow them to drink a half gallon of soda a day being treated when they get sick too?

    You don’t object? Why not?

  31. I see a strong anti-vaccination contingent is everywhere.

    Regardless of your beliefs, someone made an earlier point that subsequent posts appeared to have not read, so I thought I’d repoint it out, along with correcting some fallacies that have already appeared.

    1) Thimeresol was only in the MMR, and was taken out many years ago. If your child was given any vaccination save the MMR, they never received thimeresol. If they received it in the last five years, they were never exposed to it. Most anti-vax groups have abandoned mercury in vaccines as an issue and moved on to cumulative exposure from other sources, live vaccines, etc.

    2) Varicella is an inconvenience to parents but more importantly, much more pathogenic in adults. You’re vaccinating your children so that they don’t infect your peers, not your child’s, when their immunity has waned (and at age 50, assume it has). Varicella also causes shingles, which can be pretty nasty.

    3) The important comment is that these vaccines provide wide-spectrum protection but don’t (and can’t) guarantee everyone will be perfectly protected. If I have the mumps vaccine and then am exposed to mumps, I can still catch it. It’ll just take a weakened immune system (stress, concurrent illness, being out in the damp) for the virus to overwhelm my vaccine-built defenses. Therefore the best solution is to vaccinate as much of the population as possible. If you limit carriers, you limit cases. If you limit cases, you limit the chances of someone like WhiteCoat’s child being exposed. That’s the whole point of herd immunity.

    Really, the reason why most of us hem and haw about vaccines is that today’s parents never grew up with polio, or mumps-induced sterility, or rheumatic fever leading to mitral valve issues.

    4) The hepatitis viruses have 20% contagion rates upon exposure to various fluids (compare to HIV, less than 1%) and can live for up to 7 days in dried blood. They’re very hardy. Most people tell me they think it’s silly because they know their child won’t have unprotected sex or shoot up drugs. What about if they slip and fall on the wrong part of the sidewalk? What if their friend doesn’t know they picked it up and accidentally infects them? What about the fact you can pick up Hepatitis A from unwashed fruit while visiting countries with less stringent public health policies? You have a point if talking about HPV vaccination, but turning down Hep B is ridiculous — that’s assuming your child will never, ever be in a health care setting with a risk of contagion.

  32. I’m 52, so I remember getting the Salk vaccine at school on a sugar cube. The MMR I had to get at the Doc’s office.
    Flash forward 25 years, my children got their vaccinations, right on time. Unfortunately for them [and me] there wasn’t a chicken pox vaccine in the early 80’s so they had to go through it.
    I would think any responsible parent would vaccinate their children simply because we are a GLOBAL society. At any given time, you and your child may come into contact in public with someone who, only yesterday, may have been in a third world disease cauldron. Some countries STILL have diseases we have conquered.
    But several have madethe point that MD is threatening parents with jail and fines for not immunizing againstchicken pox and HepB. Chicken pox is not a killer, Hepatitis can be. And it can be spread as easily on the playground from a scrape, cut, puncture, picked scab, etc as it can be from unprotected sex or dirty needles. All it takes is open skin. So yeah, when a parent does NOT immunize their child they endanger the OTHER voluntarily non-immunized children or children who cannot be immunized because of health reasons.

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  34. Coming in late to this one…but I think everyone is mis-understanding the point this judge is trying to make.

    They aren’t going to jail because they didn’t vaccinate their kids…they are going to jail (or being fined) because they didn’t bother to get a waiver or make sure their shot records were up to date so their kids were missing school…they are going to jail and being find because of truancy (i.e. their kids not being in school) not because their kids didn’t get the shots.

    If you were able to get the entire story you would know that Maryland is just saying either get your kids vaccinated or get them waived so your kids can go to school.

    Whether or not it is a law to have your kids vaccinated…it IS a law for your kids to get an education either by public, private or home schooling…and kids without shots or waivers for the shots cannot go to school.

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  36. I really don’t care who decides to vaccinate. It’s none of my business, and what I decide to do is none of theirs. But, I don’t have an irrational fear of disease, and am able to keep the past in context.

    If they feel threatened by an unvaccinated person, perhaps they need to get re-vaccinated to cure their anxiety.

  37. How many of you know what is in those vaccinations you so willingly shoot in your childrens blood stream and how many of your doctors even know?? How many know that monkey semen and human fetus are ingredients routinely used in popular vaccinations?? I find it to irresponeble as a parent not to know EVERY ingredients in something going into your childs body.

  38. Yes that fear is a moronic delusional parinoia if you are dumb enough to think you can get a sickness after getting the vaccination for it. Then the vaccination does not work by your own emmision and makes you a parinoid freak.

  39. I read somewhere that the chances of having an adverse reaction to a vaccine is 100% when it is your own child. I think when you know people personally whose children have died after a vaccine, lost their hearing and or developed autism, you might think differently about vaccines. My 2.5 year old is vaccine-free and as healthy as can be and i do not believe this is a coincidence. She is extremely smart and doesn’t have the dazed and confused look i see in so many other kids her age. I have researched vaccines for over 2.5 years, and although i do not have a medical degree, I believe I know my stuff. Kids are pumped full of toxins at an alarming rate and it really is hard on their little bodies. And furthermore vaccines are not 100% effective , as stated above, but there are very high chances of adverse reactions. If you read about these reactions, you might want to think about what is worse, in many cases, I would take the disease over the reaction any day.

  40. The prodisease movement has been filling the comments with misinformation. A good source of accurate information is AntiAntiVax

    Vaccines save lives. The risks of not vaccinating are much higher than the risks of vaccinating. The inability of the vaccine to provide 100% protection does not mean that vaccines are ineffective. No medicine is 100% effective.

    Endangering other children, even your own children, is not a matter of personal choice, except to psychopaths. Vaccines protect children.

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