Now About That Nasal Congestion …


I’m still a little skeeved out by this.

An adult patient comes to the hospital for evaluation of wrist pain she has had for three months. I get a little history and then start to examine her hand.

I turn over her wrist so I can tap on it to check for Tinel’s sign … and there is a giant booger on the pad of her index finger.




  1. THAT is why I elected to go into veterinary medicine. I can handle anything so long as it comes out of a cat, but I’d be way more than “a little skeeved” by that.

  2. She’s had wrist pain for three months and goes to the ER for it? What’s she been doing during the week, picking her – oh, never mind…

  3. I might interpret that as a positive test…she had reduced sensation in the median nerve distribution and didn’t detect its presence!

  4. Did she wash after? She touched things. EWWWW!

    Maybe she touched something and it stuck to her? EWWWW!

    This is why (You never know where people’s hands have been)I’ve always told my family WASH fruits first and rinse off cans ..especially with snap tops going into the beverage. And because rodents, etc., could run across in store rooms.

    And …what if …what if she went to a salad bar later?

    You just know this stuff has to happen somewhere.

    You activated the germaphobe in me WC!

    Ignorance is bliss. 🙂

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