Now THAT’s Gotta Hurt



ERP from  here for a quick post while White Coat is out for a little while. 

Some people have bad luck.  I mean, it is bad enough luck to fall down in the bathroom when  you are 70 years old because  you don’t get around so great any more. But to fall onto an old-style toilet paper holder and have it impale you in your perineum, penetrating through into the vagina really is horrible. 

   And no, get your minds out of the gutter – this was not one of those “I don’t know HOW this could have happened!!” excuses when someone inserts some foreign body into an orifice and has to make up some weird story.  She just had bad luck – for real!

Luckily she was successfully patched up in the OR.


  1. I was hoping whitecoat would put up a post about him leaving medicine and deciding to go to law school for april fools.

  2. Hey ERP — I’m not sure if you saw my other comment, so I’m leaving another (last one). Add me to the list (with Justadoc) of people who are afraid to read your blog anymore. Love your blog, but my computer picked up a virus there. One of the ads on the right side of the screen started flashing (no, I didn’t click on it), a voice said that I was a winner (fat chance), and then the “Vista Defender” virus started sending pop-ups telling me that my computer was infected with all types of crap. After that I couldn’t use the computer without multiple pop-ups, and they blocked me from using the browser. Fortunately, I didn’t fall for the fake warnings, and I was able to wipe my computer clean before there was damage.

  3. Dreaming Tree, if you could send me a screen shot of anything like this you find – I am working with my ad people and they need to see the images to help determine where they are coming from.

  4. ERP – I don’t know what is going on at your blog as far as virus because I had been there and didn’t pick anything up that I know of.

    But …if it involves ads, about a year ago I was in a Christian blog and I didn’t connect it to his blog right away, but after the 3rd time I did. I had clicked on his ads and they were causing porn pics to come up in my computer.. either pics or ads..doesn’t matter saw more than I wanted to see. They were hard to get rid of too. Those sites that won’t let you click them away. I told the blog author and he had no idea,but took care of it.

    I *DO NOT* click on adds now.

  5. I am glad the lady is alright too.

    Talk about
    F-a-r-e-a-k-y accidents.

    Gee .. If word gets out ..I wonder if these toilet paper holders will now come with warning instructions? 🙂

    Jim ..I’ll raise your ouch ..make it a double ouch plus 1 OwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwWW ..for good measure.

  6. I went to that site and the ads started blinking and popping, however I think my safeguards kicked in and took over, because I got dumped off the site and back to a browser…thankfully, from the sound of it.

  7. ERP – good story & glad of the good outcome.

    I also want to let you know of your site infecting my computer with viruses. I’m now getting all manner of crazy email & pop-ups.

    I won’t go to your site to give you a screen shot because I won’t go to your site until it gets fixed & you can let us know – here perhaps – that it is fixed. Otherwise, I’ll just get more badness on my computer. Sorry – no good ER stories are worth messing with my computer.

    Perhaps you can go to your site using a family member’s computer & see for yourself? That way, you can see exactly what we see & what comes of it so you can describe it exactly to your IT person.

  8. Again, I apologize for the virus/ads people seem to be getting from my site – but I have never encountered any when I access my site from other computers (including at work or my parents or wherever) so I am not sure what is happening. I need screen shots sent to me if anyone encounters any.

  9. I got the virus too, it was the Vista “Security” with all the various pop up warnings etc, and my IT dept had to come and do a bunch of stuff to get it gone. I won’t be going to the site anymore either, sadly.

  10. Oh, and I hadn’t clicked on any ads either. It happened twice but the first time I was able to get rid of it before it got to the nasty stage.

  11. During my residency a patient was brought into the ER who had lost control of his wheelchair on a steep hill, careened down the hill until he hit the cub and got flung from his wheelchair onto a wrought iron fence with spear point tops. A spike of the fence entered under his jaw and somehow missed all vital vessels before exiting. The fence was cut in the field and he was brought in with the spike still protruding. He went directly to the OR and amazingly survived.

  12. ERP, I simply hit the link in this post to your site, virus alerts sound. I am running Windows 7 and using Microsoft Security. After cleaing, I checked the history and saw that it was Trojan/JS Redirector. Microsoft calls this a severe threat. No way to get a screen image as the security controls take over. Not going to take a chance and go back.

  13. I have sent the ad company a bunch of virus/trojan screen shots and await their response. If the issue is not resolved very soon, I am going to ditch the service all together and I am sure the site will be clear.

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