Oddest Patient Complaints of the Night

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Daughter brings in elderly parent saying “her voice doesn’t sound as strong when she talks.”
Patient then proceeds to scream at daughter telling her that there’s nothing wrong with her voice.
Daughter says “Well, I guess she’s better now, but how do you know she didn’t have a TIA?”
Simple answer was that I don’t know she doesn’t have filariasis, but I’m not testing her for that, either.
Bottom line was the patient’s caregiver was gone for the weekend and the daughter didn’t know how to take care of mom.

Then there’s the patient who came in by ambulance with the following complaint:
“I’m melting.”
No one threw water on her and she wasn’t wearing a pointy black hat, either, Dorothy.
Translation: All this red blood was going in the toilet every time I have a bowel movement, my skin is getting pale, and my hemoglobin is 6.2.
Never underestimate the power of a good history and physical exam.


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