1. I’ve seen some pretty odd things in medical records, but this one takes the cake! Must be pt had some kind of bowel perf if they could access the leg through the scope, LOL!

  2. That’s beautiful, really is…and YIKES!

    Must’ve been one aggressive Doc! 😉

    Maybe a “package” deal? 🙂

    Sadly, from what I have observed in reviewing insurance claims; if the doc goes into the OR and performs more than one procedure, the ins companies “try” to lump them together as “One” procedure and pay accordingly. Also, God forbid the doc should need to take the pt back into the OR the same day-the ins co will try to make that as one OR case and therefore not pay for the 2nd procedure. It is irrelevant to them that it was required.

    I seriously hope that doctors and their billing staff KNOW to fight the ins companies on this stuff. It ‘often” takes more than one call! I know because even I as a pt have gotten some things turned around that the ins reps insisted would not be paid.

    Sorry I digressed.

    Thanks for yet another laugh!

    I hope you don’t mind but I am coping this to e-mail to a few of my ER friends and give to a couple of Docs.

    That report reminds me of that old song (and I don’t really know the words),”the hip bone’s connected to the.. THIGH bone..(snapping fingers now)the thigh bone’s connected to the …except this med hx report could give the song a “slightly” different twist. 🙂

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