One Vaccination Argument Gone


It isn’t just that the rates of autism haven’t declined after thimerosol was removed from vaccines.

The latest news is that one of the studies linking vaccines to autism used false data. British physician Andrew Wakefield allegedly fudged the findings.

But the damage has been done. The fear of transmitting autism via vaccination is so pervasive in some people that exposing the fraudulent study will likely do little to change their mindsets.

And the rate of largely preventable diseases begins to creep back into the picture …

The article noted that confirmed cases of measles has increased from 56 in 1998 to 1348 in 2008. Two children died from measles in 2008.

Thanks to BlackSails for the heads up.

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  1. Sorry, but this is old news on this side of the Atlantic. At present Andrew Wakefield is being investigated by the GMC for this with a view to having him struck off. Every medical and nursing blog in UK is fighting the damage that has been caused by his ‘research’. See Ben Goldacre’s blog Bad Science, also the name of his excellent book. The bad thing (for Americans) is that Dr. Wakefield is now working in Texas at the Thoughtful Foundation.

  2. I guess now I will have to cancel my kid’s smallpox party.
    Then again, maybe a natural immunity to smallpox is better….

  3. wait… are you saying that *doctors* were right and *jenny mccarthy* is wrong? that’s impossible!! what am i supposed to believe in now??

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