One Way To End A Fight


Normally, I’d say that someone who goes out to a bar and talks smack should get what’s coming to him. Even I think what happened to this poor guy was a little more than what he had coming to him.

The patient went to a nightclub and had a few drinks. Then he reportedly began to engage in “smack talk.” The person to whom this patient talked smack got mad. A fight ensued. While they were rolling around on the floor, said smack talk recipient pulled a Little Jack Horner on the patient’s face. He didn’t gouge the patient’s eyes out, he gouged them in – as in he tried to palpate the back of the patient’s eye sockets with his thumbs. Needless to say, the fight ended rather quickly after this maneuver.

The major findings on the CT scan show an intact eyeball on the left hand side of the scan (which is the patient’s right eye) and some swelling of the right eyelid. The right hand side of the scan shows the remnants of the patient’s left eye. Lens (small round white oval near the top) is pushed inward. Bleeding into the globe (eyeball). Loss of globe contour. In fact, smack talk recipient gouged so hard that he fractured the patient’s eye socket and caused bleeding into the patient’s maxillary sinus (not shown).

To end his stellar day, the patient was reportedly the one arrested for starting the fight.



  1. That is one of the first things they tell you to do if you’re a woman fighting a very large, male opponent.

    Well, that, and the other ball-shaped thingies. (That’s a medical term, right?)

  2. Oh goodness, can that eye be saved or he’ll be blind in 1 eye now?

    Nope. This eye is a goner. Once the globe ruptures, the vision in the affected eye usually does not fare well.

  3. Isn’t there a problem with patients who’ve had an eye gouged out who then have an autoimmune reaction taking out the uninjured eye? I just remember a little blurb from a class a long time ago about having to watch those patients carefully so they don’t end up losing the other eye too. But, then again, I could be making this stuff up…

    I had not heard of this happening with eyes. I thought I recalled reading that it could happen with testicles. A quick web search and I couldn’t find anything with either phenomenon. I am in so much trouble for my boards.

  4. Its a real good maneuver…I kinda used it once, not so enthusiastic as this person ( in my case the guy can still use his eyes). lots of pain involved when you do it….
    poor guy.

  5. I am trained in several martial arts. When a fight goes to the ground, I am not going to waste time with joint locks and submission holds. I am going to go straight for the eyes, throat, and neck. Elbow to the temple, strikes to the throat, gouges to the eyes, and breaking of the neck.

    Its not pretty, but the number one goal in a fight is to make sure that you walk away.

    Remind me to stay on your good side …

  6. Ugh! That is rough. If you want to see a good re-enactment of that – watch the third season of HBO’s Deadwood – there is a fight that basically goes that way! Yeowch!

  7. slippery devil on

    theres a dvd called ‘indecline’ and footage is on youtube and theres a scene where a drunk guy gets a brutal beating where they have him on the ground with one guy punching him from the top and another guy kicking him in the head with each kick leading his head to hit into a brick wall,and once theyve finshed they put the camera to his face and his eye starts leaking blood…………. what kind of damage could that be a sign of?!

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