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theatre curtainJust in case anyone was wondering what happened to Open Mic Weekends …

If you’re bored with the Super Bowl, you can post any medically-related comments, questions, or observations in the comments section. I’ll try to answer any questions on Monday or Tuesday.

As usual, the only rules for comments are that there are no personal attacks and that the comments/questions have to be medically-related.


  1. I’m a nontrad student who’s looking into applying to medical school overseas, particularly the UK, NZ, and Australia. Do you know of any good resources?

  2. a hypothetical newborn has a red rash on his cheeks, nearing his eyes… it darkens after eating, breastmilk or formula. what can the hypothetical mom do?

    • Depends on what the hypothetical rash looks like. Fortunately, in newborns, there are a few typical rashes that predominate. The most common one that I see in the ED is erythema toxicum neonatorum. Sometimes see contact dermatitis as well.
      Good review of rashes for medical and non-medical personnel is here. I saved this original article back when it was published.
      If in doubt, probably best to see the pediatrician, though.

  3. I am a responsible pain patient who is about to be dismissed from my pain MDs practice (after 6 years of no problems) for an insurance issue. I have NEVER gone to the ED for pain meds, have never violated my pain contract, and my pain doc has been paid for every visit…but there is an issue with a change in the insurance he is unwilling to deal with. I may be put in the very difficult position of either getting off meds that have been working well for me and allowing me to function very well, paying cash up front for office cisits (and hoping to be reimbursed), or trying to switch to a different pain practice (further away, more of a reputation as pill pushers). I assume they would accept me, but the same reimbursement issue may be in play. I just wanted to point out that even people who use their medication responsibly can end up in the ED due to circumstances beyond their control. I am going to try really hard to avoid this, and I know it is a very short term solution at best, but I am in a real bind! I am very disappointed in the doc for threatening to dismiss me over this issue– we have had a great long standing relationship, and I woult think that would count for something, at least in the short term. The ONLY issue is the reimbursement one — he will continue to treat me if the insurance company (worker’s comp) reverses their decision. I have private insurance as well, but he says there are too many problems with billing them for something that SHOULD be worker’s comp. helpful suggestions??

    • Get an attorney who specializes in worker’s comp issues. Worker’s comp is notorious for arbitrary decisions. Good luck.

  4. I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl because I love Michael Oher’s story. Movie – The blind Side.

    And he is still an inspirational man …still appreciative and he takes time to visit with kids in schools to give them encouragement. I also appreciate what he said when asked in an interview about the racial divide in this country and he said, “It’s not about black and white.”, and went on to discuss the Touhy family. Good for him! We have too much of the racism rhetoric being flung about in our society. We need more people like Michael!

    Anyway …I hope they win …and watching him play is extra special this year.

    May the best team win …but Go RAVENS! 🙂

  5. Long Time E.D. Doc on

    Those bastards at my auto insurance company are threaening to drop my policy just because I am late in paying them the premium. I had some big expenses this past month because my furnace suddenly needed to be replaced, through no fault of my own. I have never had a problem with the auto insurance people in the past either. They need to understand…Sure, it’s not exactly the same thing but still. How unfair to me!

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