Overheard in the Waiting Room …


The registration clerk in the emergency department overheard the following statement from one patient waiting to be seen made to another patient in the emergency department waiting room who is on “The List“:

“Just remember – you’re the addict and I’m the dealer. You get what I give you after they prescribe it to me. Understand?”

Hmmmm. Wonder how much you’ll get for that Tylenol prescription the doctor gave you.


  1. Oh ..but WhiteC-o-a-t ..it’s such a tough economy out there ..can’t ya just give a guy a leg up? 😉

    IDIOTS! Sounds like a line in a movie. 🙂

    Okay ..I feel a little guilty for name calling ..but ..it stays.

  2. Reminds me of the guy who wandered in from the waiting room and approached the doctor’s desk to ask me for a safety pin and told me he was here for kidney stone pain and could he also have a cup to pee in. Five minutes later he was sitting in the triage desk holding a urine sample with a drop of blood floating in it and blood dripping from his finger. Um, when you’re going to fake hematuria, maybe don’t ask the doctor who will be caring for you for the supplies to do it.

  3. As a resident, we glued a quarter on the floor just infront of the rest room. It is amazing how many people who came in with “back pain so bad they couldn’t move” would be able to bend down and try to get the quarter.

  4. That’s funny Throckmorton. It would be even better if you could have them watch the replay on the security cameras. 🙂

    That trick reminds me of our first born son -at 9 yrs old became quite the prankster that year. He bought a nickle with a nail built into it and you could nail it into something and when people tried to pick it up ..they couldn’t. Just came across that the other day. 🙂

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