Personal Update


Have so many posts lined up, but unfortunately little time to write them.

In the past week, I have worked 36 hours, taught for a day at one school, given a lecture at another school, been the official videographer for my son’s football team, ran around helping a friend get his ice cream shoppe ready to open (hopefully today), been in court, and had meetings with a school principal about some little miscreant who is bullying my daughter. Today I have the honor of being Mrs. WhiteCoat’s office nurse since her nurse is out sick.

So life is busy and has its ups and downs, but overall, life is good.

Someone asked for pictures of our new puppy who isn’t so little any more. She was 11 pounds when we got her. Now, she’s almost 40 pounds and she’s a little imp. We have a couple of dozen chew toys for her yet she has this fondness for bathroom tissue. She grabs the end of it and pulls trails of toilet paper all over the house.  The picture below is her trying to lay in the dog bed we purchased when we first took her home. She loves chewing on the sides of the bed, so we don’t get rid of it, but she’s a wee too big for the bed now.

More to tell, but it is time to don my white cap and head to work.



  1. Wowww …that’s a great pic! She’s so pretty and cute! Ahhh life is good. Looks so innocent. 🙂

    Quite the busy and interesting week. Hope the court wasn’t a big deal. Ice cream shop? bet the kids will enjoy that.

    I hope the WhiteCoat family, including the little imp … have a great weekend. 🙂

  2. That puppy pic is classic! BTW totally agree with your thoughts on the OB case, checking sugars on every patient isnt even the standard in good ol KY, and we have an awful lot of diabetics!

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