1. These scores are a crock. Hospitals like to play games and the ones playing them the most never have direct patient care.
    Take the Top 100. There is Top 100 Newsweek, Top 100 Thomson Reuters, Top 100 US News & World Report, Top 100 Solucient, etc, etc. It is all a game to say you are the top something. Like your Press Ganey scores are better.
    Magnet status for nurses is another one. All it changes is the advertising and the letter head.

  2. Excellent article.

    This article and the stroke survey made me ponder. What if, say 500 Emergency Docs/Nurses, could be surveyed on various issues and a website/ database tracked ED issues and published the overall results? It would be an interesting (and more accurate) way of defining the mythical “standard of care”.

    Would something like this be useful? Does it already exist?

      • I don’t know if a lay person could help but I feel passionately concerned about these issues and if you could use an enthusiastic, detail oriented SeaSpray …then I’d jump aboard!

        Perhaps not with this since it requires med professional input, but with any of the other important health care issues.

        Going off track a bit:

        I’ve long said in this blog and others that people need to unite to have their voices heard…particularly the physicians and nurses. We are all affected by the decisions made and so the public needs to get involved as well.

        Agree or disagree ..one has to acknowledge the ever increasing ground swell of Tea Party activists have profoundly changed the political landscape for this election season.

        Just imagine if a similar movement began within the medical profession ..targeting the most important issues.

        There is talk of repealing the act. This would be the time to gear up to present better alternatives to what we have now.

        WhiteCoat and Colleagues go to Washington!

        It’s a massive undertaking, but target the key concerns, fix them and move to the next.

        I think it will involve sacrifice on all fronts.

        I know it’s complicated (You can’t eat an elephant all at once, but you can eat it one bite at a time:)and maybe I am dreaming, but since health care is at the forefront of political discussions now and everyone is paying attention ..it just seems the to be *the time* to make a move to be heard with sound alternatives before people become apathetic and desensitized again.

  3. Well ..that was a disturbing article. You’ve all discussed it before and so not surprising at all.

    “The time you spend with critically ill patients may make another department’s satisfaction scores better . . . while making yours worse”

    So very UNFAIR! I agree it creates the potential for a serious conflict of interest.

    As a former hospital employee and as a patient, I get so discouraged when I read these things! And the negative consequences of the health care bill!

    And frustrated ..really frustrated!

    And I am always reading about these things, but it still seems that no one unites and fights against them, but accepts as the status quo?

    I think med staff should point out to administration (I’m sure you must)that putting the patients at risk because of neglect due to med professionals trying to conform to unrealistic expectations would not bode well for the hospital either.

    Oh and even if you were willing to ..then there is still that pesky problem of lawsuits.

    And what is especially bothersome ..is that while administration probably does understand …they are ruled by what is before them in black and white. Can’t you all point out that a lawsuit for neglect and subsequent negative PR in the papers, etc., trumps a negative Press Ganey?

    I never get angry at my physicians,ED’s or any dept if I have to wait for long periods of time.I had to wait 2 hours once, to get into my appt. I could see they were very busy. I appreciate when time is spent with me and I certainly wouldn’t rush the docs with other patients. I was anxious to get to my room when being held up in the ED for a looooong time.. only because ill, but I know what they go through and so don’t bother them.

    It’s refreshing, when at work ..you get the patients who are patient and do *understand* there are emergencies. You would think that would be common sense, but many people just don’t have the foresight or don’t care .. threaten to leave and some do.

    And they don’t know how much of a goal it is for the staff to clear the ED whenever possible.

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