Primary Care Cartoon


After I’ve read through my EP Monthly issue a good dozen or so times, there are a couple of other medical magazines I enjoy. Medical Economics is one of them. I especially like the creativeness of the cartoons.

This cartoon about lack of primary care physicians made me laugh – in an ironic kind of way.


  1. Too many doctors spending the extra year or two in school to specialize and make a lot more money.
    One primary doctor might have to employ and few Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants to help with the work load.

    • Meh…slightly more complicated than that…I am an EM resident and you could not pay me enough money to go into primary care. The frustration in dealing with insurance companies, the stresses of running a practice, the endless stream of non-urgent/emergent issues (that’s just the way I’m built- I get bored easily)- they all add up. I much prefer to check in, help out a lot of people in a short amount of time, check out and go home. (Now I know the more seasoned ER docs out there will tell me its a little more than check in and check out- I am well aware but I will take it over running a practice any day of the week)

      I will take any night shift any day of the week- for the love of God don’t wake me up in the middle of the night with some random insignificant complaint while I am on call for the practice.

      You could throw all the money in the world at me- I still wouldn’t have chosen primary care. So before people start throwing oodles of money at primary care docs (not saying they shouldn’t- the pay gap is horrendous) they should examine ALL of the reasons why people don’t go into primary care and fix those.

  2. Primary Care Doctors are worth so much, there must be a way to pay them what they most certainly deserve. The situation is both sad and scary. 🙁

  3. If Primary Care docs were paid for their time as are lawyers, accountants, and other professionals, would this even be an issue?

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