Scientific Assembly Day 1


At the ACEP Scientific Assembly for day 1 of the event in Las Vegas. It is the most attended Scientific Assembly in the history of the College.

Lots of good lectures. The faculty here is top-notch.

I kept a pad with me and took notes as the day progressed. Things I jotted down are below.

Temperature is 105 degrees outside. If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, that’s a good thing. Keep the weather. And don’t even go there about the “dry heat” thing. If you stick your head inside of a dryer, that’s dry heat, too. Doesn’t make the air any less hot, does it?

The hotel – Mandalay Bay – is literally bigger than my home town. It takes me 10-15 minutes to walk to the conference rooms walking at a brisk pace – well, except when going by the windows overlooking the swimming pool – but it’s still a damn big hotel.

Worked out in the hotel gym and, on the way back, sat down to play slots. Put in $20 on a 25 cent machine. Won maybe twelve cents out of the first 20 spins. A husband and wife sat down at the two machines next to me. Husband wins $300 in first 2 minutes, wife wins $100 2 minutes after that. I just sat there with my jaw on the floor. Should have just handed them my twenty and walked away. I’d have been a lot less ticked. Then I checked my biorhythms on the smart phone – emotional and intellectual are both at their low points for the next two days. I’m staying the hell away from the craps tables.

Was at a lecture about pediatric sedation. The lecturer discussed sedation for reducing fractures and noted the following: “Hey when the orthopedists learned how to spell ‘ketamine’, it was a milestone. They could get to the gym an hour earlier each day.”

Seven dollar draft beers – I thought that was only in New York City. But it was at a bar in which you were given a parka so that you could drink in 5 degree below zero atmosphere. Don’t know which is worse – being too hot, being too cold, having to wear a fleece, or being fleeced.

Overheard a story about William Shakespeare: They recently opened his tomb and found that he was inside erasing all of the things he had ever written. When they asked him what he was doing, he replied “Decomposing.”

Tonight, we had an EM blogger summit with GruntDoc, Shadowfax, Graham Walker, and Nick Genes. Lots of fun stories and laughs. Also got to meet Mrs. GruntDoc who is going to do a guest post on this blog about some spice cabinet issue she had with her hubby. More on that later. Don’t even bother asking any of the other bloggers what I look like. I was wearing a carefully crafted disguise.

Will try to add pictures with tomorrow’s post. Currently having an equipment malfunction.

If you’re in Vegas, stop by the EP Monthly display in the 1900 section and say “Hi”.


  1. If you see any of the docs from my hospital, could you direct them to the lecture called ‘You don’t clear a c-spine by ordering an MRI.’ Thanks in advance, Nurse K.

    • Nurse K – Might be the start of a coming trend. My radiologists say thanks to the radiation scare they are sporadically getting MRI requests in head trauma (aka head bumps) in kids.
      Can’t think of anything more fun than conscious sedation and putting a kid in the mri tube for an hour.

  2. I heard that joke about Shakespeare before – but the dead guy was Johan Sebastian Bach. Get it, composer decomposing. Ba Dum!

    I would love to go to this conference sometime – but Man, it is way too damn expensive.

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