Scientific Assembly Day 2


Still can’t get the pictures to post correctly from my portable netbook. Will have to wait until I get home and then add pictures to the post.

The Wellness Center is probably worth the cost of conference registration by itself. Screening blood tests, burnout assessment, flu shot and dTAP booster all for $20. I’m not doing the damn body fat testing any more. They said that my body fat went from 4% last year to 8% this year. I think their machine is broken.

I was fortunate to get a deal at the 24 hour store in the hotel. A bottle of Gatorade and a banana were “on sale” for $6 – according to the cashier.

I get texts throughout the day from my kids which is nice. The only thing is that the content of the texts has changed. When I got here, they were some iteration of “we love you and miss you dad.” Now they have changed over to “what did you get us?”

So I walked around the exhibits groveling for beach balls, flash lights, and back packs. It used to be grown men in suits fighting over pens. Now it’s deteriorated into grown men in suits fighting over foam rubber models of the Statue of Liberty.

I stopped back at the Boehringer Ingelheim exhibit looking for their sign about people who were not allowed to eat the root beer floats being given to the attendees. The big sign was gone, but there was a smaller sign telling people from Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Vermont to get lost. Took a picture of it that I will post when I get home.

The ultrasound courses are outstanding. Went to two of them today. Very impressed.

Organization is another issue. In the hallways between exhibits, it is like New Years Eve in Time’s Square. Wall to wall people who can’t move anywhere.

Got a chance to walk along Las Vegas Boulevard this evening and take pictures. Definitely an interesting experience. I got propositioned several times. I walked through about 8-10 gauntlets of people wearing T-shirts guaranteeing a girl in my room in 20 minutes who were flicking cards on their hands and then trying to get you to take the cards. I took a few for souvenirs. Then I started walking by them flicking the cards on my hands and trying to get them to take them back. Got some strange looks. I also started videoing the gauntlets as I walked down the street. That got me some curses, but kept them away when they saw the camera.

There were a lot of street performers along the way. Some were pretty good, some were tone deaf. Most were entertaining. Except the strange guy wearing a clown mask sitting on a tricycle and ringing the tricycle bell. Yeah, bud, that makes me want to whip out my wallet to give you some money.

It’s 2:30 AM Las Vegas time which is 4:30 AM Central time. I just got back to the hotel. But it is nice when you leave Las Vegas with more money than you brought to Las Vegas. Craps tables were good to everyone I was with. One doc’s wife had a 20 minute roll. That roll substantially increased the $50 I put on the table.

Thanks to Ramona for letting us know about GruntDoc’s tweeting frenzy about the Scientific Assembly.

Only have about 5 hours until the next lecture starts and about 12 hours until I’m on my way back home.


    • I find most measures of body fat have problem tracking body fat percentage over time due to loss of collagen elasticity the skin and its connective tissue over time. If your hairline’s still in tact though I’d guess stress accelerated aging shouldn’t be much of a concern.

      Those posts about your son and the power tools though might support a stress hypothesis…

  1. Just don’t go here “”

    to NPOdyssey: I think what he is saying was that the fat testing was extremely inaccurate. I have not met Dr. Whitecoat, but I doubt he looks like Arnold “the governator” did in his prime.

  2. i feel you on the gauntlets. i’m here with my wife and daughter (who’s 15 mos old), and they were all trying to hand us stuff.

    most of the lectures were decent, in my opinion.

  3. I heard that the prostitutes do something like charge $500-800 to come to the room and then won’t do anything else unless you pay several thousand dollars more, so they never really end up having to do anything most of the time.

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