Seven Years Bad Luck


A mirror fell over onto a young teenager. She held her arm up to protect herself and the mirror broke over her arm and head.

As an aside, if you’re interested in the reason why breaking a mirror gives you bad luck and how to get rid of the bad luck, read this.

Anyway, the girl had a few cuts, but fortunately was otherwise unharmed.

One of the cuts was a two inch gash to her upper forearm. The girl’s mom said that they pulled a piece of glass from the wound.

Apparently they didn’t get it all …

Glass in Wound


  1. Aaron in Florida on

    Now, I gotta ask: is that the glass itself showing up on the x-ray, or is it the silvering on the back of the glass? I used to make fireworks (safely and legally) and one of the things that was always stressed was to store your chemicals in plastic containers, and NEVER GLASS, because glass wouldn’t show up on an x-ray if you ever had an incident.

    For that matter, would plastic show up?

    • Separately from what shows up, glass tends to shatter into small sharp pieces much more than plastic. It depends of course on the plastic, but many types of plastic are more like a balloon popping than a shrapnel grenade going off.

      • Glass embedded in soft tissues is well seen on X-rays owing to its higher relative density. It does not have to be coated (as in mirrors) or contain lead to be radio-opaque. However size is important because very small fragments (<1mm) may not be picked up on X-ray.

  2. I hate broken glass. I had a nerve and artery severed by a long shard from a broken bottle. I am normally not a fan of more government regulation, but I would love to see a requirement that all glass be tempered like a car side windows where the glass shatters into little cubes. I have no idea about the cost and practicality of this and would love more information.

  3. Ouch… that looks deep!

    Wow Norm! I never would’ve thought about cubed shattered glass.. nor do I know of the feasibility of it.. but that is how new things are invented…with someone thinking outside the box. You never know. 🙂

    We have a large 3 sectioned bathroom mirror and when I opened the section on the left, it fell down on top of my head and slightly grazed it… just before I had to leave for work. It was heavy, gave me a headache but otherwise fine. What better place to go to work when hurt then to the hospital? 🙂

    I love mirrors but got rid of a large one we had over the sofa when boys were little because I was afraid it would fall on them when they were rough housing.

    Accidents are stupid..especially when you look back and know that one second or different decision and it wouldn’t have happened.

  4. WC – I heard doctors marched in DC today.

    Million med march?

    “A physician grassroots movement to re-establish honor, dignity and worth to the medical profession. That its sole mission is to protect the relationship between the doctor and the patient…”

    I wonder if any blogging docs went? would be curious to read posts.

    I’ve been saying all along Doctors collective voices need to be heard regarding the health care issue.

    Please delete if you wish WC.. I track. 🙂

  5. I can vouch for the shattering…broke my fall and smashed a 6 pack of beer…thought I would be just fine so I went to wash it out in the hotel. (Not drunk, but I was carrying my 3 month old in a car seat…didn’t want to drop him…so my boobs and hand broke the fall and the sixpack.)

    When I saw it, I knew there was no way I could get the glass out. 6 stitches in the heel of my hand and 2 in my thumb. Unfortunately, I had to wait almost four weeks for some of the glass in my ring finger to ‘grow’ out. Trying to grab things I could feel it and tried to get it out several times like you would a sliver. No dice.
    The closer it got to the surface, the worse it felt.
    Then, my Physician FIL tells me ‘*he’ll get it Out!* but he can’t numb it because the swelling effects of the lidocaine could cause him not to see the glass. Oy.
    Nothing like a scalpel slicing on some tiny shards. He got them out, oucheee, but I needed a bullet to bite on. I was drenched when we were done. Didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of hearing me yelp…three tiny shards…probably like a newborn baby fingernail’s fragility.

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